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Turnip Bacon Mash

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Turnip Bacon Mash


  • 1 lb bacon, chopped

  • 2 large turnips, grated

  • 1 small zucchini, grated

  • ½ cup red onion, chopped

  • ⅛ tsp garlic powder

  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Preheat a skillet over medium high heat. Add bacon and cook until crispy. Strain the bacon pieces and set aside, leaving 3 tbsp bacon grease in the pan.

  • Place the shredded turnips and zucchini into a large colander or strainer and press down firmly with your hands to strain out excess liquid.

  • Reduce the heat to medium and add the chopped onion until translucent. Add the turnips and zucchini. Stir to coat with bacon grease.

  • Allow the mixture to cook on medium, and stir occasionally to prevent burning. When the turnips and zucchini have browned and become crispy, season with garlic powder, salt and pepper. Add in the bacon and stir.

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