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Fascial Stretch and Release

Advanced Vitality Family Health and Wellness Clinic

197 County Court Blvd. Suite 205

Brampton, Ontario

Meet the Advanced Vitality Team


Fascia can be thought of as a continuous, gliding structure from head to toe, covering everything inside your skin and connecting muscles in chains so they can move together as an organized unit. When fascia is healthy, it is relaxed and wavy and glides over your other tissues in a friction-less environment. When trauma occurs, fascia loses elasticity and becomes tight and restricted and no longer glides effortlessly. This often contributes to tight muscles, joint stiffness and nerve impingement.  

With the addition of fascial stretch and release to their care plans, our clinic members have reported: 

~ Less pain and stiffness ~

~ Better range of motion (locally and full body) ~

~ Deeper release of chronic tension ~

~ Increased flexibility ~

~ Improved blood flow ~

All of our Advanced Vitality Health Care Providers offer a number of different treatment techniques for fascial stretch and release. Including:

~ Hands on techniques ~

~ Fascial rolling ~

~ Myofascial release ~

~ Trigger Point Release ~

~ Assisted Stretching/Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Faciliation (PNF) ~

Instrument Assisted Soft-tissue Manipulation (IASTM) including:

~ Cupping ~

~ Fascial Abrasion Technique ~

~ Kinesio Taping ~

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