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Headache Relief Brampton

Advanced Vitality Family Health and Wellness Clinic

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Brampton, Ontario

Meet the Advanced Vitality Team

Suffering from a Headache is NOT normal...but quite common

Suffering from a headache is very common in our world today, unfortunately many people don't realize that it is not normal. Recent published studies have found that over a one year period, more than 38% of subjects suffered from some form of a tension headache. 

Did you know that the origin of a headache is often your neck? The nerves in your cervical spine (neck) have been shown to be the common link with various different types of headaches

How Can Chiropractic Care Help my Headaches?

At your FREE initial chiropractic consultation at Advanced Vitality, your chiropractor will review your health history and perform a thorough physical examination to identify any vertebral subluxations you may have.  Additionally, the treating chiropractor will review other factors such as chemical, emotional and physical for clues as to the cause of your headaches.

If vertebral subluxations are identified, your chiropractor will perform various safe and gentle chiropractic adjustments to help restore correct function/mobility of your neck and alleviate the pressure on the nerves that connect to the skull.

Chiropractic adjustments have are effective in the treatment of:

~ Tension Headaches ~

~ Migraine Headaches ~

~ Cervicogenic Headaches ~

How can I identify what type of Headache I have?

There have been dozens of classifications of headaches established, however, the following is a list of the most common types the average person identifies with:

  • Cervicogenic Headache

    • Any form of headache that is the result of vertebral subluxations of the cervical spine (neck)

  • Tension Headache

    • Constant pressure feeling.  Those suffering relate the type of pain as feeling like your head is being squeezed in a vice.

  • Migraine Headache

    • Extremely severe headaches that relate to a variety of nervous systems symptoms.

  • Cluster Headache

    • Reoccurring one-sided attacks of pain​, typically located behind the eyes or temples.

  • Rebound Headache

    • Throbbing or pounding headaches which are the result of caffeine or medication withdrawal.​

  • Sinus Headache

    • Pressure headache located around the sinus cavities in the face.​

Should you just take Medication to Treat your Headache?

Pain medication is helpful in the sense that it provides short term symptom relief, however, it is necessary to understand and treat the root cause of your headache.

Masking your symptoms with pain relief medication also produces negative side effects over a long period of time, as the effects of pain medication can be harmful to both your kidneys and your liver. 

Pain pills are short term relief from headaches

Headache Prevention: Is there a solution?

The best headache prevention is:

  • The initial consultation you have with the chiropractors at Advanced Vitality.  There review of your health history will help identify various lifestyle factors that may lead to a headache. 

  • Having regular check-ups with your chiropractor for vertical subluxations will help in correcting nervous system stress and dysfunction.

Types of Headaches
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