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Advanced Vitality Newsletter | May 2023

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

May 2023 at Advanced Vitality

  • Congratulations Dr. Jasmin

  • Saturday Appointments open this month

  • Mothers Day Give Away

  • Doc Talk Tuesday April Series: Raising Healthy Kids

  • 'Raising Healthy Kids, Naturally' FREE Virtual Workshop: May 29

  • Health Tip: How Can Chiro keep my healthy?

  • Clinic Member Spotlight: The Hazzard's & Baby Sargun

  • Birth Announcements

  • Mommy & Me Discount

  • May Holidays


Congratulations Dr. Jasmin

We are having a Baby!

We hope you'll join in our excitement as we announce that Dr. Jasmin and Kyle are expecting! We can't wait to see what the future holds for this young, growing family!

Stay tuned for more fun baby games to be played as she moves through her pregnancy journey!


Saturday Appointments Start May 13

You've been asking for it, so here it is!!! We are pleased to be offering Saturday appointments starting May 13th.

Dr. Tara will be in the clinic for adjusting hours from 9am-12noon and Special Appointments (New Clinic Member Appointments) from 12noon-1pm.


SPRING ORTHOTIC WORKSHOP - Saturday May 13th 10am-12 noon

Contact the clinic to book your appointment with Chiropodist Jenn Chua


Mother's Day Giveaway

May is one of our favourite months here at Advanced Vitality because we get to celebrate MAMAs!

This month we've curated an amazing basket of fantastic products that any mother would be ecstatic to receive (or gift to herself!). Of course we always love to support our very own clinic members who have their own small businesses and/or side hustles!

Here are a few of the fun goodies that you'll find in this years Mother's Day Give Away basket:


  1. Simply follow us on Instagram and answer each of the Mother's Day Trivia during the week of May 8 - May13.

  2. Make note of your secret CODE LETTER from each day's answer and use them to answer the final trivia questions on Saturday May 13th.

  3. If you get the final trivia question correct, you'll be automatically entered into the draw to win the Mothers Day Give Away Basket!

Good Luck!!


Doc Talk Tuesdays

Check us out on Instagram and Facebook every Tuesday for quick educational videos on important topics related to neurofunctional chiropractic and raising healthy humans with natural and drug-free alternatives.

Then tune in LIVE on Thursdays at lunch when our Doctors take to the social media airwaves to answer all your questions, comments and concerns!

Tune in all month long as we talk about Raising Healthy Kids, Naturally! Our pediatric doctors will go through the simple science behind why and how our kids develop healthy immune systems and how you can help support them at home with tips & tricks. You will also learn how and when to implement safe & natural Neurofunctional Chiropractic care to support a healthy immune response and recovery when they get sick! Then at the end of the month we put it all together in a FREE online workshop. Click below to register!


'Raising Healthy Kids, Naturally' FREE Virtual Workshop

Monday May 29th 7:30pm

Raising Healthy Kids, Naturally is a free workshop for parents who want to learn more about the natural ways to support healthy growth and immunity in kids 0-18 years old.

Our Pediatric doctors will explain the neuro-immune system and how a child should respond to sickness and illness.

They will also provide helpful tips and tricks you can do at home to help them develop and strong, robust immune system as well as how to support their natural immune responses when they get sick.


Health Tip: How Can Chiropractic Help Keep Me Healthy?

Many of the most viewed health websites including WebMD, and the Mayo Clinic, define Chiropractic as a “treatment that is primarily used as a pain relief alternative to muscles, joints, and bones… The goal of the procedure is to improve spinal motion and improve physical function.” This sounds great if you’re an athlete or have been in an auto accident, but what about the friend who messaged, “Chiropractic helped everything with my kids.” How exactly did a muscle, bone, and joint treatment help a child?

As neurofunctional pediatric chiropractors, it makes perfect sense to us that any stress on the nerves can lead to stress and dysfunction on not just joints and muscles within the body but different organs and other major systems as well.

Additionally, just like in traditional medicine, there are different specialties within chiropractic. While it’s true that many chiropractors focus primarily on back pain and sports injuries, an entire group of experts focus on the nervous system, pediatrics, prenatal, and family care!


Clinic Member Spotlight: The Hazzard Family

Meet Esther and her amazing kids! Esther was no stranger to chiropractic since she'd been going since she was a child herself. It was a 'no-brainer' when it came to getting her kids under care. With a background in pediatric nursing, we wanted to know what the deciding factors were for making wellness chiropractic a part of her kids' lives.

I appreciate the science supporting chiropractic care with regards to keeping neural pathways open and how that affects whole body, mind and physical health.

My kids love going to see Dr. Tara! They know that they are valued. When they are adjusted, they are listened to and responded to by the care of Dr. Tara. They love telling her all about their 'ailments' and she teaches them about growing and how their spine and muscles work!

Click below to read more about how Esther is Raising Healthy Kids, Naturally with Chiropractic Care as part of their health care routine!

This month we are talking about 'Raising Healthy Kids, Naturally' and how parents can help support their growth & development naturally and safely. We will teach you the simple science behind how your kids' immune system develops and how it should respond when your child gets sick. We will then set you and your child up for success with home recommendations to support their immune growth and response with safe & natural options.

Register for our FREE online 'Raising Healthy Kids, Naturally' workshop to learn all about these things and get ready to see your kid thrive without drugs and medications!


Clinic Member Spotlight: Baby Sargun

Meet this Baby Sargun! We caught up with her mom Prahbpuneet, this month and asked her to share why she makes regular wellness chiropractic care a priority for Baby Sargun.

I chose to get chiropractic care for my baby when she turned one year old. My main concerns were frequent spit up, and overall general health.
My experience has been great. My daughter usually does not open up to strangers very quickly but she loves her CHIRO appointments. Dr. Tamara and Dr. Jasmin have been so lovely that she feels so comfortable while getting adjusted.

Click below to read more about Sargun and how her mom is Raising a Healthy Kid by adding regular Chiropractic care to her health routine!

Check us out on social media every Tuesday in APRIL for a quick 'Doc Talk' video about how to help Raise Healthy Kids, Naturally. Tune in every Thursday at lunch when our Doctors go LIVE to answer all your questions and concerns and provide even MORE helpful tips to keep you and your families healthy in 2023!


Birth Announcements

Have you seen our new TREE OF LIFE growing in the front foyer? This is our newest addition where we can celebrate all the momma's (and their babies) that we've had the pleasure and honour to take care of!

Also, you may have seen our custom made BUMP WATCH board where we can track all of our pregnant mamas as they move through their pregnancy journeys. We've already transferred some leaves onto the Tree of Life!

The Bump Watch board is our fantastic way to track our pregnant moms through their prenatal journey

Congratulations to the Mamas who gave birth this past month! We look forward to helping you recover and your baby thrive during this next phase of your lives!

Congratulations to our Clinic Member Mama Kim on the birth of her daughter Amelia!

Congratulations to Mama Kiara on the birth of baby Karis!

"I absolutely felt a difference while getting treated throughout my pregnancy, especially in my neck where I get the most tension. Baby was able straighten out in my pelvis properly this time for a successful VBAC!" ~ Kiara

MOMMY & ME Chiropractic Packages

We are pleased to offer all of our New Moms a special discounted rate when you package your post-partum re-evaluation and your newborn initial assessment.

*contact the clinic for full details



The Clinic will be CLOSED for VICTORIA DAY on MONDAY MAY 22nd

Dr. Tara will be on Holidays April 28th - May 5th

We look forward to seeing you all in the clinic this month!


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