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Clinic Member Spotlight: Baby Eva

Updated: Mar 3

Eva's mom, Sabrina, was no stranger to chiropractic. With Eva being her third baby and having brought her previous two for newborn chiropractic, it was an easy decision to get Eva checked shortly after birth.

I started chiropractic because my first pregnancy was high-risk and I wanted to help prevent another one. My first born had acid reflux and through research I found that chiropractor care could help.

Dr. Tara Sutton uses the state of the art INSIGHT scanner to measure the nervous system of baby in his moms arms while he looks at her with an inquisitive look
Dr. Tara using the scanner

At our clinic we take a different approach to chiropractic and healing. It's called the NeuroFunctional approach which means that we evaluate your baby's body for interference points in their brain-body connection. Since the brain controls and coordinates all the systems and functions of the rest of the body, our chiropractic approach aims to improve that connection and allow the body to do it's thing!

At our clinic, all our Chiropractic Doctors are trained in the NeuroFunctional approach and use the innovative INSiGHT Health Scanning Technology and The Webster Technique, which is something that our clinic members really appreciate! Another great feature are the health scans that show your starting point and improvement so you know it's not just you feeling good, its trackable. You see how everything is connected and when you’re experiencing dysfunction in a certain part of your body, we can show you the area of interference at the spinal level that it corresponds to.

The unique NeuroFunctional approach and Health Scanning Technology we use at Advanced Vitality means that we can also take amazing care of babies, kids and teens! Our health scans show direct correlation to systems and symptoms that their bodies are experiencing and allow us to focus our care on restoring balance in those areas. This gives parents a sense of ease when it comes to getting their kiddos checked and adjusted.

Dr. Tara with sits on the chiropractic table with sisters. Big sister smiles while little sister gets adjusted
Dr. Tara with baby Eva's older sisters
I started care with my first born for acid reflux and couldn't believe the difference it made. It was a simple decision with my other two children to provide that extra layer of wellness to their growth and development.

When a birth needs some intervention like forceps, vacuum or even c-section, there is significant stress put on the upper neck of the baby - which is the area that directly corresponds to latching, sucking and swallowing. If this stress isn't resolved, it can build up and create more stress within your baby's nervous system leading to things like colic, reflux, ear infections, chronic colds and sickness, developmental milestone delay, speech delays, sensory overload and even ADHD and anxiety. We call this sequence of stress build up - The Perfect Storm and all of this can be helped with Neurofunctional Pediatric Chiropractic care, especially early intervention!

With regular chiropractic care for Eva I noticed a difference in the comfort during and after a feed. Plus more regular bowel movements. For my premature daughter her milestones were expected at an adjusted age but when I started seeing Dr. Tara she was meeting milestones at her birth age :)
Baby Eva smiles as she lies on her stomach while Dr. Tara applies a gentle adjustment in her low back
Dr. Tara adjusts Eva's lower back area

Many people think that chiropractic is only for neck pain, back pain or headaches, and while we do amazing things for these symptoms, there's so much more to benefit from. However, there is definitely some fear out there for moms to bring their babies and kids to a chiropractor. Here's what Sabrina had to say about that:

I am never afraid. Dr. Tara explains the process thoroughly for you before any adjustments are done. She makes you feel confident in the decision to add chiropractic care to your routine.
Eva is usually smiling and happy in each of the Dr.'s hands. They use techniques similar to what looks like a massage or lathering cream on your freshly bathed new born :)

We are always interested in mom-to-mom advice and so we asked Sabrina what pearl of wisdom would she share with other moms about pediatric chiropractic and Advanced Vitality? Here's what she shared:

At least speak with a professional and witness an adjustment before writing off the idea. Reading stuff online vs what's in-person can really help anybody make a better decision.

We are so happy that Sabrina found us and continues to trust us to take care of her and her girls! We are especially grateful that she continues to share her experiences with our community and other families that can help their kids who are struggling. It's stories and mama's like you that help make this world (and the kiddos in it) much healthier and happier! We asked if she would share her favourite thing about Advanced Vitality and here's what she said:

The staff. They are unbeatable in my opinion. I can't tell you how many times they have accommodated me and my children. From rescheduling appointments to holding and playing with my children so that mom can get the care she needs!

If this sounds like the place for you and your family, or you're interested in finding out more, join us for our upcoming FREE "Beautiful Babies" online workshop by clicking below:

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