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Clinic Member Spotlight: The Buckley's

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

The Buckley's joined our clinic in the summer of 2021. Mom had been experiencing some body pains but was also looking for Chiropractic care to help with her health moving forward. She also wanted to have her kiddo's under care to help with some colic and constipation going on, as well as to see what the benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic care could do for her children's health overall.

"Our experience has been great! We feel like we are getting custom care for the whole family. The adjustments are painless, quick and easy and the kids tolerate it well."

We track and monitor our clinic member's progress towards their specific goals through the most up-to-date and innovative scanning technology called INSiGHT. These health scans help us determine your CORE SCORE: a valid, reliable and repeatable measurement of how well your neuro-musculoskeletal systems (your brain, spinal cord, nerves and posture muscles) are functioning and how your body is improving through chiropractic care.

"We weren't sure of what to expect and if it would work. I have better mobility and less pain."

We strive to make every clinic member feel and know that they are apart of our Advanced Vitality Family. We understand that being a mom with multiple children can make it difficult to get out the door. Our team of staff was hired and trained to offer the help that every mom needs in order to get her kids and herself adjusted without worrying about what the kids are up to!

"Our favourite thing about Advanced Vitality is the staff. I love them. My kids love them. They are so awesome with my kids and I love it!!"

We asked Mom what advice she would give to other moms who might be considering Chiropractic care, and here is what she said!

"Put yourself first and take care of yourself so you can be health for your kids."

If your interested in finding out more about our Chiropractic services, contact us and speak with our New Clinic Member Intake Coordinator!

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