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Clinic Member Spotlight: Liam

Meet Liam and his Mom Alicia! Liam started to come in for Pediatric Chiropractic Care near the end of 2021. Concerned Liam wasn't getting a restful nights sleep, Alicia started seeking out different avenues to help make sure Liam was on the right track and well rested.

"I chose chiropractic care for Liam based on a referral from my naturopath. I came in with no expectations because I tried so many other therapies and nothing had worked. When I described what was happening to Liam, Dr. Tamara and Dr. Tara immediately knew what I was describing - it was nice to be understood, I felt validated."

The health and well being of your kiddos is your top priority, and ours! Mom's may wondering if Chiropractic Care will actually help their kiddo's achieve their goals. Here is what Alicia had to say!

"The appointments with Dr. Tamara and Dr. Tara and easy and fast - nothing like you would expect, very different from adult chiropractic. I saw positive changes after the first adjustment. Liam is sleeping better, his speech has become clearer and overall he is a much happier child. He wakes up well rested, smiling and laughing!"

We asked Alicia if she had any advice for mom's who may be on the fence about chiropractic care for their little ones.

"For any mom considering chiropractic care I would encourage you to come in for the consultation. The doctors demonstrate what will be done on you and include your child in the adjustment process - the kids feel no fear!"

"My favourite thing about Advanced Vitality is the fact that these chiropractors are Pediatric chiropractors who can relate to Liam and explain things on his level!"

It's been so wonderful having Liam apart of our Advanced Vitality Family. We are so excited about all the progress he has made so far, and we are looking forward to celebrating many more successes.

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