Custom Foot Orthotics - Spring 2018 Workshop

Advanced Vitality will be holding another workshop for your custom made orthotics. Chiropodist Jennifer Ku will be coming to the clinic:


Saturday April 14, 2018


10:00AM - 1:00PM

If you would like to book an appointment, feel free to reply to contact the clinic.


Spots are limited, so let us know right away as these workshops get booked up rather quickly.

We look forward to seeing you!

NOTE: You may have coverage through work or your spouse and most private insurance plans do cover custom orthotics.  To see what your plan covers, please contact your Extended Health Care provider directly.


Please continue reading below for information on our custom made orthotics prices and policies.

Advanced Vitality Custom Made Orthotics | Prices

  • Chiropody Assessment with Prescription: $100.00

  • Custom Orthotics ONLY (NO SHOES): $300.00

  • Custom Orthotics + Shoe (NON PREMIUM SHOE*): $400.00

  • Custom Orthotics + Shoe (Premium Shoe): $475.00 or $525.00

See our list of Premium Shoes

*The majority of the shoes offered (more than 95%) are a non-premium shoes. Rest assured you will find what you are looking for.  Most of the premium shoes are high-end winter boots. 

Advanced Vitality Custom Made Orthotics | Shoe Order Policy

You will be required to complete a shoe order form. Our office staff cannot complete this for you and it must be received by our office no later than 1 week after your chiropody assessment. You will be emailed a shoe order form once you have booked your appointment. There are NO shoe returns or refunds. You are permitted 1 shoe exchange within 30 days of the dispense date. If you require a shoe exchange, the product you are exchanging must be unworn and without noticeable wear or tear.  Any other shoes exchanged after the allowable limit will be charged a $50 exchange fee. BUILT IN ORTHOTICS (such as with Birkenstock sandals) CAN NOT BE RETURNED OR EXCHANGED.  If there is a required shoe change/modification in any custom built in, it will be charged the full amount of a new orthotic ($400).

It is your responsibility to ensure the proper shoe choice. We know that ordering something online without the ability to try it on is not optimal, so we highly encourage you to view our online shoe inventory at the 2 websites below and go to a shoe store to try on and confirm your size and any other special accommodations that you may require (width etc) prior to attending your chiropody assessment.

Advanced Vitality Custom Made Orthotics | Modification Policy

To ensure that your orthotic is working the way it was intended to and not causing any discomfort or pain (outside of the normal “breaking-in” period as described in the dispense handout) we offer 1 free orthotic modification service within 30 days of dispense date. Any other orthotic modifications outside the allowable limits will be charged a $50 modification fee.


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