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Advanced Vitality News | October 2021

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

What You Need to Know this October:

  • Clinic Holiday - Monday, October 11th

  • SIAScope Rapid Skin Cancer Screening

  • Important Chiropractic Fee Updates

  • Coaches Corner with IP Coach Maria

  • Good Luck, CHA Rebecca!

  • Welcome Tanvir!

  • Clinic Member Spotlight: Alicia!

  • We're Improving Your Experience

  • Chiro Appreciation Week & World Spine Day

  • Halloween at Advanced Vitality

  • Health Tip of the Month: Laughter is the Best Medicine


Happy Thanksgiving!

All of us at Advanced Vitality would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! Advanced Vitality will be closed on Monday, October 11th for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving


SIAscope Rapid Skin Cancer Screening

The wait times to see a Dermatologist can be anywhere from 5-12 months. For those that have a concerning mole or skin lesion, this only adds to their anxieties and more importantly, may jeopardize an early diagnosis and successful treatment outcomes.

Check out Danielle's success story below:

How much does this service cost?

  • $249.99: No dermatologist referral from family doctor required

  • $149.99: MD referral required*

* Paper copy of referral for dermatology consult required

Click Here to read more about this breakthrough technology OR click the link below to book online!


Important Chiropractic Fee Updates

Starting November 1, 2021 there will now be a Fee associated with all Initial Consultations & Initial Health Scans.

We have seen an amazing uptake with our existing clinic members and many of you have indicated how awesome this technology is. Our Providers have raved about the clarity they provide and how helpful they have been at directing care plans and adjustment protocols.

If you are an existing Clinic Member and haven't received your complimentary health scans yet, contact us so we can book it FOR FREE! This technology is safe and allows us to look deeper at where problems are starting BEFORE you may even feel them!

n.b. If you are an existing clinic member, you DO NOT need to book an appointment with your provider to get your health scans. These can be booked as a stand alone appointment at a day and time that best suits your schedule!

The Scans have given me so much more insight into the areas that are dysfunctional and need help. Things that regular assessment and palpation are not able to show, the scans do! They have been very beneficial for providing better care plans and outcomes. ~ Dr. Tara Sutton ~

If you have a family member, friend, loved one, kiddo that you know would benefit a neuro-functional chiropractic assessment - book it now! We have limited availability remaining in October.


P.S. Do you know about our referral program? Every time you refer an individual who becomes a Clinic Member at Advanced Vitality, we will credit your account with $50 to be used towards any service we offer. In addition to receiving a $50 credit on your account, each referral will award you one entry into our raffle for an End of the Year Referral GRAND PRIZE!


Coaches Corner with IP Coach Maria

When it comes to your Thanksgiving spread, IP Coach Maria has you covered! Check out our easy, stress free, Ideal Protein friendly Thanksgiving menu and recipes HERE!


All the Best, CHA Rebecca

CHA Rebecca is off onto her next chapter at Palmer College of Chiropractic! She was such an integral part of our team and we are sure going to miss her. We wish her all the best are looking forward to her visits when she is home on school breaks!

CHA Rebecca off to Palmer College of Chiropractic

"These past 10 months working at Advanced Vitality have been truly amazing! Throughout my time here I have always looked forward to coming to work to see all of you. I have had the chance to witness how much receiving care at AV has helped improve your wellbeing which further solidified my decision to pursue becoming a chiropractor! In November I will be starting the Doctor of Chiropractic Program at Palmer College in Iowa. I will miss seeing all of your smiling faces at the clinic, but I’ll be sure to drop by whenever I am home! I am beyond thankful for all of the opportunities that the amazing AV team has provided me with! I look forward to having a chance to rejoin the team after graduation so that I can grow to become an amazing chiropractor just like Dr. Tara and Dr. Tamara!" - Rebecca


Welcome Tanvir!

In September, we welcomed Tanvir to our team! Tanvir is part of the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program at St. Marguritte D'Youville, and will be completing her Co-op/Internship with us as a Clinic Health Assistant until mid November.

Meet Co-op Student CHA Tanvir!

Hi, my name is Tanvir. I am excited to complete my co-op at Advanced Vitality. I am the oldest child of my family and have two younger siblings. I enjoy dissecting explanations and questioning the logic behind science and conspiracy theories. One of my biggest goals in life is to become a pediatrician so I am working day to day with these wonderful staff and clinic members, meeting new people and getting to understand the cause and effect sequence for our health conditions. I have a desire for continuous growth and learning as well as an ambitious and dedicated personality. A few interesting things about me are: I am an honour roll student, I have prerequisite training to become an advanced life guard and I am in a Health and Wellness SHSM program at my school. I also enjoy working with all sorts of people, especially younger children. I have had experience maintaining and understanding the physical and mental components of the human body and am excited to continue this journey!


Clinic Member Spotlight: Alicia!

Meet Clinic Member Alicia!

Alicia began Prenatal Chiropractic Care in August, 2021 with Dr. Tamara.

Alicia first sought our Prenatal Chiropractic Care as she was experiencing a lot of lower back pain and as a result, was having difficulties sleeping. She was doing some at home stretches, but it was not helping as much as she wanted it to.

"I was seeking a chiropractic service that specialized or had experience with pregnant women. It was very important for me to find a reputable place. The reviews and Advanced Vitality's website spoke for itself."

Alicia goals when starting regular Prenatal Chiropractic Care were to relieve her lower back pain, improve sleep, align her pelvis and maintain a comfortable pregnancy. Just after one month of regular adjustments, Alicia is sleeping much more comfortably, has minimal pain when getting up out of bed or after sitting for long periods of time.

"I have also learned about great resources for pregnancy during my visits."

Both of our Chiropractors, Dr. Tamara and Dr. Tara are trained in The Webster Technique. Ever wonder what prenatal adjustments look like? Check out the video below!


We're Improving Your Experience

Man with Credit Card

OH NO - did you forget your card again?

We have the ability to process your payment and email (or print) your statement, all while you are in with your provider!

Ask us to add your card on file in our safe secure system next time you're in.

This feature, in addition to your pre-booked appointments, will improve your experience and ensure that you always have an easy and efficient time at Advanced Vitality!


Chiro Appreciation Week & World Spine Day

World Spine Day is Saturday, October 16th so we're hosting a Chiropractic Appreciation Week from October 12-16th at Advanced Vitality!

Celebrate with us for a chance to WIN a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Throughout the week of October 12-16th, you can earn entries into our Amazon gift card draw in the following ways:

1. Tell us why you love Chiropractic Care by filling out a heart when you are in for your appointment throughout October 12-15th and receive one draw entry.

2. Complete a Google Review and receive THREE draw entries!

3. Participate in our social media challenges on TIK TOK, INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK! Post a photo or video of yourself and/or your family members completing the challenges and be sure to tag us! Each video will award you TWO draw entries!

For all you pregnant mamas - here's our first video challenge. Lets see how you do!

Please tag us @advancedvitality and use the following hashtags:


Halloween at Advanced Vitality

Halloween Colouring Contest

Our colouring contest is back and open to ALL AGES.

Prizes will be awarded in the following age groups:

0-5 yrs | 6-8 yrs | 9 yrs+

The colouring contest will run from October 1-31, 2021. Prizes for age group winners will be announced on Monday, November1st and featured in our November newsletter!

How to Participate

We are now offering virtual participation. CLICK HERE to download your copy of our Halloween colouring contest sheet. You can also pick one up next time you are in the clinic.

How to Submit

1. Post a picture of your completed sheet to social media tagging Advanced Vitality:


2. Email a photo of the completed sheet with your name on it to info@advancedvitaity and use the subject heading “Halloween Colouring Contest”


3. Drop off your completed sheet the next time you are in the clinic

Make sure you submit by October 31st! If you have any questions, contact us!

AV Trick or Treat Week!

The week of October 25th to the 29th, we invite all kids (and grown ups who like to act like kids!) to trick or treat at Advanced Vitality!

Dress up in your favourite costume, Halloween colours, or Halloween gear and receive a treat!

We also love to show off your costumes!

We'll always ask for permission to take your picture to post on social media.

Show Us Your Pumpkin Carving Skills!

Throughout the month of October, post your pumpkin carving pictures, tips and tricks on social media and tag Advanced Vitality for your chance to win a gift card to a variety of restaurants!

We would to see your skills and show them off on our



Health Tip of the Month: Laughter Is The Best Medicine!

Kids Laughing

You all know how much we like to have fun in our clinic! Did you know that when you make someone laugh that you may be helping them strengthen their immune system, reduce food cravings, or even increase their threshold for pain?

Click Here to read more on the benefits of laughter!


We look forward to seeing you and your family this October!

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