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Product Spotlight: The Ultimate Roller for Home Massage by Pro-Tec Athletics

This week we are highlighting our favorite products for #MOM. There is no doubt that a real, in-person massage on a comfy table with soft lighting and relaxing music is something that the mother in your life would adore. But what can you do for her in the comfort of your own home?

Today's product has you covered. The Pro-Tec Athletics Roller Massager is one of our favorites and if you ask any of our clinic members, they will tell you "it's the best".

Being a mom is athletic enough and this roller massager will be sure to reduce muscle fatigue and tightness and promote flexibility.

If you're a #pregnant mama this is great for using on your shoulders and upper back to relieve tension from increased breast size and postural changes like forward head carriage common during pregnancy. You can also have someone use it on your legs to help reduce swelling.

If you're a #newmom, then you're in a whole new phase of muscle aches and pains while your new body adapts to life without a baby growing inside of you. This roller massager can help reduce that low back pain from bending forward during diaper changes and lifting baby out of the crib.

If you're in the thick of motherhood and an #ogmom than we KNOW you need this to help you unwind after a crazy whirlwind day with the kids.

JUST REMEMBER: This a great tool you can use on your own but it works even better if you have someone use it on you!

Click here to purchase your own Pro-Tec Athletics roller massager.



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