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Advanced Vitality News | September 2021

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

September Newsletter Cover Photo

What's Happening at Advanced Vitality this September!

  • Labour Day Holiday Hours

  • NEW Fee - Skin Cancer Screening

  • Back to School Ready?

  • Coaches Corner with IP Coach Maria

  • Thank you Saira and Millie

  • CM Spotlight: Margaret

  • Health Tip of the Month: Backpacks

  • Mom Swap Success!

  • Olympic Spirit Week Winner

  • Birth Announcements


Have a great Long Weekend!

Family bike ride on a long weekend

The team at Advanced Vitality wishes you and your family and happy and safe long weekend!

Please note, the clinic will be closed on Friday, September 3rd and Monday, September 6th for the Labour Day weekend.

Upcoming Vacations:

  • Dr. Tamara will be returning from vacation on Tuesday, September 7th

  • RMT Kelly will be returning from vacation on Tuesday, September 7th


NEW Fee - Skin Cancer Screening

SIAScope Camera and Image pf Mole

Access to a dermatologist can be frustrating slow, with average wait times being anywhere from 5 - 12 months. Those long wait times can have a drastic impact on survivability if you are diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer. The good news is that Advanced Vitality has Brampton's first Rapid Skin Cancer screening service where you will receive a dermatologists report for a concerning mole in less then 72 hours.

How much does this service cost?

  • $249.99: No dermatologist referral from family doctor required

  • $149.99: MD referral required*

* Paper copy of referral for dermatology consult required

Click Here to read more about this breakthrough technology OR click the link below to book online!


Are Your Kiddo's Back to School Ready?

Child having the INSiGHT health scans completed

With your kid's heading back to school in a few short days, start them off on the right foot and book them in for their "Back-to-School" chiropractic checkup. A healthy nervous system allows your child to focus more, improves social engagement and can even help with the neuro-immune function!

If you haven't had a chance to have your kiddo's health scans completed yet, we highly encourage you to take advantage of them. They will only be complimentary for a limited time. Find out exactly where stress is getting stuck in your child's nervous system and watch how it improves over time with our safe, gentle and effective pediatric chiropractic care.

Child's Corescore from the INSiGHT Health Scans

Remember to bring your child's backpacks so Dr. Tara and Dr. Tamara can make sure they are properly fitted for their first day!

Check out our Health Tip at the end of this months newsletter for more information on how backpacks can affect your children's health!


Coaches Corner with IP Coach Maria

The Great Body, Mind and Health Reset banner from Ideal Protein

It’s time to get your healthy groove back! Make Fall 2021 your Great Body, Mind, and Health Reset with Ideal Protein. Reset your body to burn fat, reset your metabolism to drop the pounds, and reset your habits—all with proven science. Reset with Ideal Protein and see how using food as medicine can change your life … for good!

Discover your macro code - Ideal Protein Banner

Jump back into weight loss with a tune-up, then stabilize and maintain with a unique Macro Code—your personal formula for protein, fat, and net carbs—based specifically on your metabolism. Your Macro Code guides you to the right foods for your health, while helping you manage hunger and hold steady at your goal weight for the long run.

Ideal Protein Coach Maria is with you every step of the way! With one-on-one guidance to help you reach your goal and stay there. You’ll get tasty recipes, self-care tips, and spot-on advice when you need it. Live the full, healthy life you want. Live life possible!

To help you along, we are giving away one of the IP Orange Mimosa for dieters who commit to 4 weeks on Ideal Protein. Check out the recipe below!

Join our growing community and let's Reset together!

Ideal Protein Coaching Hours:

Monday's and Wednesdays from 9:00am - 11:00am & Tuesday evenings 6:00pm - 8:00pm. In-person and virtual coaching sessions available.


Ideal Protein Orange Mimosa

Ideal Protein Orange Mimosa

Looking for a refreshing mocktail this summer? Then try the IP Mimosa!

Prepare Ideal Protein's Orange Drink Mix as per packet directions and then pour it into a champagne glass about half way. Top up with soda water and garnish with a wedge of lemon on the rim of the glass.



Good Luck at School Saira and Millie!

As we head into September, we say "see you later" to CHA's Saira and Millie! We thank them for all their hard work and dedication over the past few months, and wish them all the best as they both head back to school this fall.

Clinic Health Assistant Saira
Clinic Health Assistant Saira!

Hi Everyone! I’ve had the most fantastic time working at Advanced Vitality. Not only has the staff been warm and welcoming to me, but the clinic members are one of the biggest reasons this experience has been memorable. I am beyond grateful everyone welcomed me into the clinic and made this feel like a second home. In addition, I am SO thankful that AV chose me to join their team, allowing me to meet all you outstanding members! I am going back to Western University in the fall but will always drop by and make more tik tok videos! Thank you. I will miss you all!!

- Saira

Clinic Health Assistant Millie
Clinic Health Assistant Millie!

Working at Advanced Vitality has absolutely been the highlight of my summer! The AV team has been so welcoming and encouraging, making coming in to work a super positive and fun experience. I’ve learned so much from everyone and picked up some invaluable skills during my time here. It was great to meet everyone who came into the clinic and I’ll miss talking to all of you during my shifts! Hopefully we cross paths again in the future! And I'm super grateful for my time here.

- Millie


Clinic Member Spotlight: Margaret

Meet Clinic Member Margaret!

Dr. Tara and Clinic Member Margaret

Margaret has been attending Advanced Vitality for Chiropractic Care since 2019. After completing her restorative care plan she was improving well when a second COVID lock down put her health and wellness into a downward spiral.

Both she and Dr. Tara were struggling to find improvements.

Finally, Dr. Tara recommended another health scan with the INSiGHT technology to get more information and it provided all the clarity needed. A quick shift in the care plan and Margaret was back on track and feeling better.

We know that life has a way of throwing you off the path to health, especially over this past year. Margaret truly understands the benefits that chiropractic care has on her nervous system and how it contributes to her overall health! That's why she has been so dedicated to her care and is thriving today!

"Advanced Vitality and Dr. Tara in particular have given me my life back, where I can confidently see a future of travel, adventure and fun. I am so grateful to be hopeful again!"

Check out her amazing journey through Chiropractic Care HERE!


Health Tip of the Month: Backpacks

Children with backpacks heading off to school

Kids think it’s “cool” to strap on their backpacks and head out to school. But if they don’t know how to choose, load, lift and wear a pack properly – these all-important accessories can be a pain in the back. READ MORE on how backpacks can affect your child's overall health!

Have you booked your child in for their "Back-to-School" chiropractic appointment? Dr. Tara and Dr. Tamara can make sure your kiddo and their backpack is ready for the first day!


Mom Swap Success!

On Friday, August 27th and Monday, August 30th, we held our first Inaugural Mom Swap! What a success! Moms were able to come to Advanced Vitality and pick up any items they needed, for FREE!

So many new and gently used baby and kid clothing, toys, books and gear were donated throughout July and August. Thank you to all who donated, we love watching the Advanced Vitality community come together to support local mom's and their families!

We look forward to next year's Mom Swap!


Olympic Spirit Week Winner

Congratulations Holly!

Clinic Member Holly - Winner of the Olympic Spirit Week

Thank you to all who participated in our Olympic Spirit weeks. It was so fun to decorate the clinic and see everyone's Olympic/team Canada gear.

Those who participated were entered into a draw to win a $50 credit, valid towards any service offered at Advanced Vitality. Congratulations to Holly, who was our lucky winner!

Stay tuned, the Winter Olympics is right around the corner!


Birth Announcements

Newborn baby

Congratulations to our Mama's who gave birth this month! The Advanced Vitality team is looking forward to seeing you soon and meeting your little ones!


We look forward seeing you and your family this September!

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