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Clinic Member Spotlight: The Mukri Family

Updated: Jan 17

The Mukri family poses for a family photo after a family adjustment at Advanced Vitality
The Mukri Family at Advanced Vitality

It all started with Mom, Naseem, trying desperately to find some way to ease the pain and discomfort of chronic and recurrent ear infections in her 3 year old son. They had been back and forth to the doctor who kept prescribing antibiotics, but she knew there had to be something else that could help her little boy.

That's when she heard about Pediatric Chiropractic.

Of course she did her research and when she learned that Chiropractic Care could help with so much more, she decided it was time to give it a try!

Dr. Tara & 7 year old Daniyal give a thumbs up after an adjustment.
Dr. Tara & Daniyal
"I wanted a natural way to maintain health. Initially we were dealing with constipation and recurrent ear infection with D. After my daughter was born and started walking, we noticed her feet would turn in and we wanted help with that too."

Our unique neuro-functional approach is one thing that we place a high priority on for our clinic members, but it requires education and we LOVE to teach parents about the natural options out there. You will often find us out in the community doing lunch and learns for local businesses, collaborations with mom groups and we host FREE Monthly Workshops to help our community learn more about the benefits of a Neurofunctional approach to Chiropractic Care. Teaching people about the amazing benefits of chiropractic and how it actually works is what our parents rave about.

"We learn A LOT at our appointments. The kids enjoy it and they love coming to see Dr. Tara. They even make her gifts and pictures. It's such a family friendly atmosphere and there's always contests, events and STICKERS!"

We know that there is often some hesitation when it comes to kids getting adjusted so we asked Naseem and Ibrahim if they were worried about bringing their kids to a chiropractor and what advice they would give to other parents:

"No I wasn't afraid. I needed a solution for my son. I trust the Doctors here completely. Our kids say the adjustment feels "ticklish" - they even nicknamed Dr. Tara 'Dr. Tickle Tickle' for a while."

Dr. Tara completes a leg length analysis during a pediatric adjustment on Zoya
Dr. Tara & Zoya
I remember when we first started seeing Dr. Tara for Daniyal's colds that always turned into ear infections and required Antibiotics. We had our family vacation booked and our family doctor advised against flying because that could irritate Daniyal's ears. We saw Dr. Tara, she adjusted Daniyal, gave me a set of instructions, said there is no need to cancel the vacation and for us to go enjoy. We went and had a great time. I am so glad I listened to her and it all worked out in the end.

The unique neurofunctional approach means that our Clinic Members not only recover from neck pain and back pain, but also a wide variety of other things that most people wouldn't even think about going to a chiropractor for. Since our approach focuses on the communication between the brain and the body and making sure that it's working clearly and effectively, our clinic members report benefits including improved sleep and digestion, increased energy, better growth and milestone achievement and even superior immunity.

Dr. Tara poses with the Family at Advanced Vitality after a family wellness appointment
"The kids recover quickly from sickness. Colds only last a day or two. Zoya hasn't been sick since going to school and Daniyal hasn't had any serious infections and we don't need to give him Tylenol as often as we used to."

"Our experience at Advanced Vitality has been phenomenal. We all look forward to our appointments, children included. We've introduced chiropractic care to our parents and they couldn't be happier."

We'd like to thank Naseem and her family for taking the time to share your experiences and for placing your trust in Advanced Vitality to be a dedicated part of your health care team!

If this sounds like the place you'd like to bring your family, please reach out to us via phone, email or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about our clinic.

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