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Sciatica is an irritation to a nerve in your lower back area that can send pain and symptoms into your buttocks and down your leg(s). At Advanced Vitality, the providers treat sciatic conditions on a daily basis. Sciatica can be caused by a number of different variables, such as tight muscles, spinal misalignment, or disc herniation's. Dr. Tara Sutton and Dr. Jasleen Singh will identify the cause and prescribe a treatment plan that will relieve sciatica symptoms and restore normal function of the body to prevent recurrence of the condition.

Common Treatments for Sciatica Pain at Advanced Vitality


Sciatica Pain Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a pain that radiates along and affects the sciatic nerve, which is a major nerve that runs from the lower back down each leg. The pain may occur anywhere along the leg, including in the lower back, buttocks, hip, thigh, and calf. Typically, the pain is felt along just one leg, not both. The level of pain may vary from mild, occasional discomfort to severe pain. Mild cases may quickly get worse, however, so it is often wise for patients to consult a professional as soon as they notice discomfort.

What Causes Sciatica Pain?

A number of issues can cause sciatica pain, some of which are more serious than others. On the less disconcerting side, the condition may be caused by pregnancy or a muscle spasm. More serious causes include spinal conditions, such as lumbar spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and spondylolisthesis. In addition to these direct causes, other risk factors increase people’s risk for getting sciatica. Known risk factors include the following: -Obesity -Age -Diabetes -Sitting for extended periods of time -Regularly twisting the back

How can a Chiropractor Help with Sciatica Pain Management?

Chiropractors have a variety of methods for managing sciatica pain. Sciatica caused by a muscle spasm may be alleviated with massage therapy. Other causes of sciatica pain may call for chiropractic manipulations of the spine, hips or legs. Manipulation frees restricted movement of the spine and helps to restore misaligned vertebral bodies to their proper position in the spinal column. Spinal adjustment helps to reduce nerve irritability responsible for causing inflammation, muscle spasm, pain, and other symptoms related to sciatica. In some cases, several different treatments may be used on an ongoing basis to help patients with severe and recurrent sciatica.