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Dermatologist Diagnosis in less than 72 hours from your appointment

Did you know?

The wait time to see a dermatologist can be upwards of 90 days in Canada, yet skin cancer is on the rise. Skin cancer is the most common of all cancer types. About one third of all new cases of cancer in Canada are skin cancers, and the rate continues to rise.

How the Process works in 5 Easy Steps

STEP 1:  A Suspicious Mole/Lesion is Detected

A patient or healthcare provider identifies a pigmented lesion/mole that would be best assessed by a dermatologist.

The individual then books a time online here, or contacts Advanced Vitality, to schedule an appointment for rapid assessment

Did you know?

From the Government of Canada: In 2016, about 6,800 Canadians were diagnosed with melanoma and 1,200 will die from it. Fortunately, early detection can improve treatment and survival.

STEP 2:  High-Quality Image Capture of Suspicious Mole/Lesion by Advanced Vitality

An Advanced Vitality provider will take your health history and then use the MedX Health SIAscope,  a hand-held Class IIA medical device, to capture perfect clinical images with 100% image integrity. Each image captured by the SIAscope produces dermascopic and spectrophotometric views of moles/lesions up to 2 mm below the skin’s surface. 

STEP 3:  Images Uploaded to DermSecure™

SIAscopy on DermSecure™ is our secure, cloud-based telemedicine platform and patient management system — it captures the dermatological images from the SIAscope and forwards them for assessment by a local dermatologist. 

Did you know?

From the Government of Canada: The amount of people getting skin cancer has been increasing in Canada at a fairly constant rate over the past 30 years. Based on current rates, one in 73 Canadian women will develop melanoma during their lifetime while one in 59 Canadian men will develop the disease.

STEP 4:  Dermatologist Assessment

Once the images of the mole or lesion are uploaded to DermSecure™, a dermatologist will assess the patient’s images and provide a diagnosis to the patient within 72 hours. The quality of the SIAscopy images facilitates an accurate and rapid assessment.

The SIAscope, a Class II A medical device, takes 5 images, including 4 spectrophotometric images 2 mm below the skin’s surface showing the disorganization of a suspicious mole or lesion. This allows dermatologists to make a more accurate assessment based on the underlying physiology of the skin. 

This tiny mole is a deadly nodular melanoma. It was diagnosed using SIAscopy on DermSecure™.

"A dermatologist looking at the pigmented views will know that this is a pigmented lesion with heavy and irregular pigment deposition in the epidermis and dermis. Further, looking at the blood and collagen views, there is no normal blood supply and no reassuring collagen pattern to suggest an alternative diagnosis such as a seborrheic keratosis (benign lesion). Incorporating the clinical history, a dermatologist can reason this is a new, invasive pigmented lesion, absent a normal blood supply, that should be excised immediately."

This nodular melanoma was diagnosed by Dr. Trevor Champagne, Dermatologist (Toronto, Canada)

STEP 5:  Results!

Patients will receive secure access to detailed assessment reports and next steps. All images and diagnosis reports are stored securely for 10 years, which means a patient can retrieve their patient file and take another scan of the same mole or lesion at a later time and have it compared to previous images to see if there has been any change.


“My atypical mole had been misdiagnosed three times using current screening techniques. MedX’s SIAscope imaging showed that I had Stage 1 melanoma. From detection to diagnosis, the entire experience was seamless and fast - less than 72 hours. The melanoma was immediately removed and I am so grateful for every sunrise I get to spend with my little girl."

Danielle Dupuis, Survivor

“MedX’s screening technology saved my life. Within 2 days of having my atypical mole scanned by MedX’s SIAscope, it was assessed by a dermatologist as suspicious and sent for immediate biopsy. Within two weeks it was diagnosed as Stage 1 melanoma and immediately removed. The ease of access to a dermatologist using this technology made my assessment fast and painless. This is life-changing technology."

Marisa Spina, Survivor



$249.00 - No dermatologist referral from family doctor / GP required
  • Fastest option since no doctors referral is required.
  • Includes up to 4 different mole/lesion scan locations per visit
  • Patients with extended health insurance may be able to claim scanning costs


$143.00 - Dermatologist referral required
  • You must first see your family doctor to acquire a dermatologist referral. Contact Advanced Vitality for dermatologist specific referral details.
  • Includes up to 4 different mole/lesion scan locations per visit
  • Patients with extended health insurance may be able to claim scanning costs



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