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Advanced Vitality Newsletter | June 2022

June 2022 at Advanced Vitality

  • UPDATE: NEW Clinic Hours

  • Father's Day Giveaway

  • Clinic Member Spotlight: The Mukri Family

  • June Workshops

  • Con-GRAD-ulations

  • Wellness Memberships

  • BLOG: Sleep disorders in kids

  • Birth Announcements

  • Mommy & Me Discount

  • 'Break a Leg' Tamika

  • Welcome Back Rebecca

  • Congratulations Alexa

  • FREE Therapy for Moms

  • Clinic Holidays


New Clinic Hours

We are always looking to improve your experience and make sure that our availability is maximized to support your desired days and times! So with that, we've changed up our hours (just a bit) to offer more availability at peak times!

You may have received communication from one of our friendly team members to help you reschedule any existing appointments that would have been affected by the changes. They have taken the liberty of moving future appointments slightly (10-20 minutes) for those that could be accommodated closely to the previously booked appointments. You will still continue to receive appointment reminders and we are happy to change anything that needs it for you!

Our new clinic hours take effect MONDAY JUNE 6th 2022


Father's Day Giveaway

We love our Advanced Vitality DADS and this month it's time to celebrate YOU!

We've curated a "DAD DAY" box with things we know the dad in your life will love! (i.e. fudge, DoTERRA Deep Blue, fancy socks and much more!). We want you to win this one for the Dad in your life!


  1. Follow us on Social Media

  2. Answer ALL the trivia questions during the week leading up to Father's Day!

  3. Record the FIRST LETTER of each answer to find the SECRET CODE WORD

  4. Answer the final trivia questions with the SECRET CODE WORD

That's it! If you do those things, you'll automatically be entered into the Grand Draw to win the "DAD DAY" box!


Clinic Member Spotlight: The Mukri Family

Mom, Naseem, found us in a desperate attempt to help her (then 3 year old) son with recurrent painful ear infections - one that was almost about to cancel a family trip to the Dominican. Did they go on the trip? You're going to want to read this one.


Upcoming June Workshops

Raising Healthy Kids Naturally

WHEN: Wednesday June 22nd 1:00-2:00pm

COST: FREE (just bring your smile!)

WHERE: ZOOM (registration below)


Marvelous Mama: How to Have an Amazing Pregnancy

WHEN: Monday June 27th 7:30pm-8:30pm

COST: FREE (just bring your smile!)

WHERE: ZOOM (registration below)

Make sure you register or talk to someone at the front desk when you're in the clinic to let us know that you're coming so we can prepare a special gift for you!



We want to shout it out loud and proud for ALL of our recent GRADUATES! These folks put the time and effort into their individualized Restorative Care Plan to achieve all the benefits that Neurofunctional Chiropractic Care has to offer! Congratulations on all of your health and wellness achievements, we look forward to helping you maintain all of those with your Wellness Membership!


Wellness Memberships

Our Wellness Memberships are a hit! Congratulations to everyone who has graduated from Restoration care and are enjoying the member benefits of a Wellness Membership!

These memberships are offered to qualifying Clinic Members that have completed a Restoration Care Plan and wish to maintain their achievements and optimize their health with regular weekly or bi-weekly chiropractic adjustments. Additional perks accompany these memberships including complimentary Health Scans, discounted fees and Family Plans.

If you would like to learn more about our Wellness Memberships, please speak with one of our Care Coordinators at the Front Desk at your next appointment!


Sleep Disorders in Kids & How to Help, Naturally!

When people think of sleep disorders, they often picture stressed-out adults, tossing and turning all night and struggling bleary-eyed through their workday. Unfortunately, grown-ups aren’t the only ones who suffer from disrupted sleep; childhood sleep disorders are more common than most of us recognize.

Here, we take a closer look at sleep disorders in children: what they are, what might be causing them, and what parents can do to help their little ones get the rest they need.


Birth Announcements

Congratulations to all our Mamas who gave birth this past month! We are so honoured to have played a role in your pregnancy journey and look forward to helping you and your baby recover and thrive during this next phase of your lives!

Congratulations to Lara and Family on the arrival of your beautiful baby Charlie born

April 27th, 2022.

"Dr. Tamara encouraged baby Charlie to flip during the first week of treatment, compare that to big sister who was a surprise breech at 36 weeks. My husband is remarking that I am bouncing back from birth faster this time around."

Baby Aleksander

Congratulations to Monika and family on the arrival of your gorgeous baby Aleksander born May 23rd, 2022.

"The whole team at Advanced Vitality was an amazing support to have when it came to my pelvic pains once I entered my third trimester. Dr. Tara was such an important part in my pain management and always had amazing tips and tricks to help with at home maintenance. I can't thank you guys enough for all the support you've given!"

MOMMY & ME Chiropractic Packages

We are pleased to offer all of our New Moms a special discounted rate when you package your post-partum re-evaluation and your newborn initial assessment.

*contact the clinic for full details


'Break a Leg' Tamika!

It's been too long since live theater has been available and we are so excited to see it returning to Brampton!

Even more exciting is one of our very own will be up there on stage for you to enjoy! You may not be aware, but our Care Coordinator Tamika, graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a Specialization in Theatre Performance and she's putting it to good use this summer!

We are proud to announce she has landed roles in multiple productions this summer and we hope that you will support the resurgence of live theatre and Tamika this summer!

Check out Tamika's performances that you can enjoy this summer!

Oakville June 4-5

“Play Along” & “Sub Rosa”

In person tickets and a live-streamed option


Toronto June 8-12

“Joule’s Odyssey”

In person and recorded version


Brampton July 28 - August 13

"Much Ado About Nothing"

Brampton's own Shakespeare Show


Welcome Back Rebecca

We are so excited to welcome Rebecca back for a few days while she's home from Chiropractic College for her short summer holidays. Be sure to say "hello" when you're in for your appointment.


Congratulations Alexa

It's FINALLY here!


Help us congratulate our amazing Clinic Coordinator Alexa on the celebration of her Wedding this month!

(We promise to have some great photos from the event in our July newsletter!)


Free Therapy for Moms

You've probably seen us working closely with our friends at Alli Therapy, but, DID YOU KNOW that they are giving away $20,000 in FREE THERAPY for moms with their brand new Affordable Therapy Program!

They believe that therapy should be accessible to everyone, especially moms and parents who really need it!

Learn more about their Affordable Therapy Program by clicking below:

The Alli Therapists are experts in all stages and phases of parenthood. Visit the link to match with a practicum therapists and get started on your free sessions!


Clinic Holiday Hours

Our Clinic will be CLOSED for Holidays on the following days;

Friday July 1st for Canada Day

Monday July 4th

Dr. Tamara will be out of the clinic:

Tuesday June 28th

Dr. Tara will be on Holidays:

Wednesday June 29th - Friday July 8th


We look forward to seeing you and your family this month!

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