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Clinic Member Spotlight: Steph & King

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

This month we highlight the incredible Mother-Son duo of Steph and King!

Steph joined our clinic to help with her own back problem. As a very active mama in jiu jitsu, she was looking to improve her own mobility, and aches & pains. After learning about our unique neuro-functional approach and seeing the results of her own Insight Health Scans, she started asking more questions about what we could do to help her rambunctious 4 year old son King.

Steph was concerned that we would have a difficult time trying to slow down King in time to get his scans done or even get an adjustment, but it wasn't our first rodeo and we had plenty of tricks up our sleeve to help us work with King!

They always let him calm down and get comfortable first, sometimes he’s adjusted in a room while playing and sometimes he’s adjusted at the front desk while sitting and colouring. They always go with his cues and what he’s comfortable with doing that day.

It has certainly been a fun ride so far taking care of this dynamic duo, in the midst of her restoration care plan, Steph had a fall down some stairs but that didn't stop her from making sure she and King stuck to their care plan.

I had always heard once you start you cannot stop, or even seeing videos where people necks were being yanked on hard, super scary! But I had a friend who started and talked me into it and now I wish I had started sooner. The gentle adjustments bring great relief for something I’ve been trying years (through Massage) to get rid of.

We ask Steph what advice she would give to other mothers that were thinking about brining their children to a chiropractor but were concerned about their child's behaviour, here's what she said:

Do it! You won’t regret it. Even if you have a child that is super energetic they are more than accommodating, they always let my son mop, water the plants or bring in the sign if there’s ever a wait. They’re more than happy to print a colouring page to keep him distracted.

He no longer complains about back pain and his once super sensitive neck (where I couldn’t even brush his hair without a fit) is so much better.

Steph mentioned to us that she's so happy that she found Advanced Vitality and started care for herself and King. She says her chronic back pain and daily migraines are gone and King is much more amenable in his daily interactions. He has gone from a lil dude where we coun't even touch his neck to asking for chiropractic adjustments!

When we asked Steph what her favourite thing about Advanced Vitality was she said:

They are all super kind and accommodating, they genuinely care about you, it’s an absolutely judgement free environment and I love that

If this sounds a place for you and your kids, we'd love to meet you! Give us a call or send us an email and we will do everything possible to support you and your family and your return to health and wellness!


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