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Clinic Member Spotlight: How baby chiropractic helped Baby Nico's breastfeeding journey

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Dr. Tamara Holowka holds Baby Nico with his graduation certificate

Nico's mom Kelsie knew in her 'mom-gut' that something was off. She was no stranger to mother-hood, considering Nico was her 3rd baby, and things weren't adding up. That's when she found Neurofunctional Pediatric Chiropractic Care at Advanced Vitality and the answers she was looking for!

"After my son was born a month early and had latching issues and weak tone, I knew I had to seek some expert assistance to help his overall health and wellness. My friend referred me to Advanced Vitality and I couldn't be happier."

At our clinic we take a Neurofunctional Approach to chiropractic and use state of the art scanning technology to measure the exact points where your baby has nervous system interference. Since the nervous system controls and coordinates ALL other systems and functions of the body, parents report a wide variety of improvements in their babies under chiropractic care.

The Insight Health Scan Equipment including HRV, thermography and surface EMG
INSiGHT Health Scanning Techology

When Nico came in for his first visit, Kelsie expressed her number one goal was for him to breastfeed. Nico was having difficulty latching and she was quickly burning out taking care of her newborn, exclusively pumping, and taking care of the rest of family.

"After being born a month early, my son was having difficulty latching. After a month of sessions and a little determination, he latched! No more pumping!"

During Nico's first few appointments, we worked on unwinding the tension that had built up in his body and showed Kelsie some stretches & exercises to help with Nico's latch, suck & swallow functions. It wasn't too long into care when Kelsie and Nico arrived for a typical appointment and she exclaimed that he latched!

Baby Nico gets a gentle unwinding adjustment in the comfort of our pregnancy pillow

Our clinic and everyone working here, is committed to helping parents understand why they should try pediatric chiropractic care for their babies and toddlers. We know there is a lot of mis-information and fear about chiropractic and our goal is to provide the help, hope & answers so many parents are searching for.

When we asked Kelsie what her favorite thing about Advanced Vitality is, she stated:

"The exceptional care they provide my son, also the monthly workshops. It's wonderful to see how passionate the doctors are and how they genuinely want what's best for their patients. Continued education is important to me, as our world is constantly evolving. So, it's an added bonus knowing your doctor's continue to learn and educate themselves and others."

Our incredibly popular FREE ONLINE monthly workshops are the easiest way for parents to get access to the truth and the helpful information parents are desperately seeking. This month we are hosting our 'Beautiful Babies' Workshop on October 30th at 7:30pm online. This workshop is jam-packed with information on all things 'eat, sleep, and poop' for infants and toddlers. If you are expecting, have young kids, or know someone who could benefit from this information click below to register!

As parents ourselves, we are very aware of the trust a parent has when they hand their baby to us. We asked Kelsie if there was any advice she would give to parents who might be considering chiropractic care but are unsure. This is her advice:

"There's nothing to lose and so much to gain. Why not try something different? Each individual working at Advanced Vitality are so kind and loving. They really become a part of the family"

We'd like to thank Kelsie for taking the time to share her experience with her beautiful baby Nico and pediatric chiropractic care. We love watching him grow and being part of his health care team. We look forward to taking care of the rest of the family and supporting him during his wellness appointments!

If this sounds like the chiropractic office you would like to bring your family, contact us via phone, email, or our contact form. We would love to take care of you and your littles.

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