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You're Invited to our Next Event!

As a member of our Advanced Vitality community, you are an integral part of our mission!

Every time you tell other parents about the amazing impact of chiropractic and Advanced Vitality, it’s that initial spark that starts the healing and transformation of another child and family!

This event is for parents with a kiddo who ...

● Has struggled to hit developmental milestones?

● Suffers from a sensory-processing disorder?

● Has low tone?

● Wrestles with ADD, ADHD, or other behavioral disorders?

We know there is nothing worse than watching your little one struggle. You want only the best for them and to create a strong foundation for their health and development. If this is you, we see you. There is hope, help, and answers for your child.


On August 4th at 6:30pm at the Mount Pleasant Community Center right here in Brampton, we’re hosting our FREE

Decoding Neurodevelopmental 🧠 Disorders Workshop

"The Perfect Storm"


At this workshop you will learn 📚:

● How to better understand what your child is experiencing.

● Why they are experiencing what they’re experiencing.

● How natural, drug-free, neurologically-based care can help your child thrive.

If you know any family whose child is struggling with autism, anxiety, ADHD, seizures, or other tough neurological challenges… please extend an invite to them to our next Perfect Storm Workshop on Thursday August 4th (doors open at 6:30pm)

We can’t wait to help more parents find Hope, Answers, & Help!
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