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Mother of the Week: Lisa

Updated: May 4, 2021

LIsa and her family pose for a photo at Advanced Vitality
Lisa and her family at Advanced Vitality

Lisa began Chiropractic care long before Advanced Vitality even existed. She wanted to find someone closer to home and we are certainly lucky that she chose us!

"Dr. Tara blew me away with her passion, knowledge and authenticity. I’ve been coming back with my family ever since."
Dr. Tara Sutton uses a gentle chiropractic technique called Thompson Technique that utilizes leg length checks to assess the areas that need to be adjusted.
Lisa gets adjusted using Thompson Technique

In addition to the physical benefits she feels from regular chiropractic care, Lisa also recognizes the importance of self care and feels that her adjustments are equally important for her mental health and well-being.

"We like to joke that an adjustment is not just for the spine but for the attitude as well. After an adjustment, I feel calmer and stronger."

One of the most important aspects of care is authenticity and relationship. At Advanced Vitality we strive to create a family and kid friendly environment with open and honest dialogue. A place where you can feel empowered to speak up and tell us how you really feel. After all, it's your body and only you know how it feels to live in it! We believe it's important to work as a team toward your health goal.

"I’ve tried Chiropractors whom haven’t listened to my concerns or preferences in regards to how I like to be adjusted and I’ve never gone back. I hope that everyone’s first experience is with someone they trust."

We love taking care of babies and kiddos, but also acknowledge that it comes with a lot of trust on behalf of parents. At Advanced Vitality, our pediatric providers have advanced training and experience in pediatric care and while we are aware of the amazing benefits awarded to kiddos under regular chiropractic care, we know that many moms and dads might not be. We asked Lisa about why she decided to get her children checked by a Chiropractor?

"We have our children’s eyes, ears, heart, etc. checked, why not their spine and nervous system too? It just makes sense to me."
Using the INSiGHT Health Scans, we can measure and track nervous system function for both Adults and Children.
A Core Score Report shows Nervous System Function
"After experiencing chiropractic for myself before, after and in between pregnancies, I knew this was something that made ME feel good. After being educated by my amazing practitioners and doing my own research, I felt that this was something that would greatly benefit a developing infant and child."

Our approach with babies and kids is ALWAYS safe, gentle and effective. Many parents are often hesitant and worried that the Chiropractor is going to "crack" their baby, and are surprised by how gentle pediatric chiropractic care actually is. Children's bodies don't have the same bone and muscle development of adults and older children or teenagers, so we don't need to do as much to create results. We asked Lisa to describe her experience with her kids and chiropractic care:

"The kids love coming for adjustments. They want to see how everything works, Dr. Tara never tires of showing them and making them feel 100% comfortable before getting started."

Dr. Tara shows a child how the infant head piece works before using it to provide comfort.
Dr. Tara Sutton shows Mr. S how this tool works
"Once they are on the table, she uses humour and patience to direct them into positions before gently applying her hands."

"For babies, the touch is extremely gentle and was often done right on my lap or tummy for baby’s comfort."

Many people believe that chiropractic is for back pain, neck pain or headaches, so they wonder why their child would need chiropractic care when they don't have any of those, or they can't even talk to explain how they feel. We love the opportunity to inform and educate parents about the nervous system and how pediatric chiropractic care affects brain growth and body development. When we asked Lisa, "what advice would you give to someone who is unsure?" she said this:

My advice would be to book the consultation. Talk to your Chiropractic doctor before deciding if it’s for you or your kids. They are more than happy to hear your fears or concerns so they can formulate a treatment plan that works for you and your family.

Dr. Tara and Dr. Tamara our Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractors at Advanced Vitality.
Dr. Tara Sutton & Dr. Tamara Holowka

More moms and dads are making regular Chiropractic a part of their family's health care team and we would love to be a part of yours! Community and support are among some of our clinic's most highly valued attributes, so when you come to Advanced Vitality, you become a part of our family!

We asked Lisa, "What is your favourite thing about Advanced Vitality?" and here's what she said:

"The memories. I’ve laughed, cried, sang, danced, learned and healed at Advanced Vitality. They have been so important in my role as a mother and a woman learning that the wellness of your family is not something you have to do alone."

If you'd like to book a Complimentary Consultation for yourself or a child, please Contact Us Today.

We can't wait to meet you!

Some of our awesome clinic staff. (Shown here but no longer with Advanced Vitality: Shanique)
The Advanced Vitality Team

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