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Dr. Tara Sutton adjusting a pediatric clinic member


Certified Pediatric, Prenatal & Family Chiropractic Care in Brampton

Your Premier Chiropractic Clinic in Brampton

Welcome to Advanced Vitality Chiropractic

Your Destination for Exceptional Chiropractic Care in Brampton

At Advanced Vitality, led by the experienced Dr. Tara Sutton, we are passionately dedicated to enhancing your family’s health and happiness. Our expert team, including highly skilled chiropractors and devoted care coordinators, specializes in delivering comprehensive chiropractic solutions. We address a broad spectrum of health needs — from managing complex neurological conditions like autism and epilepsy to providing essential well-baby checks and family wellness programs.

“Combining the latest in neurologically-based chiropractic techniques with a personalized patient care approach defines the essence of Advanced Vitality. Our commitment is to offer not just exceptional chiropractic treatments but also a warm, patient-centered experience. This holistic approach to wellness is what truly differentiates us,” articulates Dr. Tara Sutton, renowned for her expertise in chiropractic care in Brampton.

A happy baby and mom with Dr. Tara Sutton
Dr. Tara Sutton with a pediatric infant chiropractic graduate
Dr. Tara sutton high fiving a pediatric chiropractic clinic member

Discover Chiropractic Excellence at Advanced Vitality

Our focus at Advanced Vitality is not just alleviating symptoms but fostering overall health and wellbeing. Whether you're seeking relief from specific health challenges or aiming to enhance your overall health, our team is equipped to guide you on your journey to wellness. Experience the difference with Brampton's premier chiropractic care at Advanced Vitality, where your family's health and happiness are our top priority.

Our Unique Approach to Chiropractic Care

  • Advanced Nervous System Care: Our approach is designed to enhance the nervous system and foster neuroplasticity, which is crucial for the body's ability to heal and adapt. Our focus is on the health of the nervous system, often indicated by subluxations and signs of fatigue​​.

  • Our Unique 5-Step Clinical Process: Our chiropractic care begins with a comprehensive understanding of your health concerns. We employ active listening, goal-setting, and cutting-edge technology to assess the health of your nervous system precisely​​.

  • Simplifying the Path to Wellness: Our method's effectiveness lies in its simplicity. We guide our patients through every step of their journey toward health, ensuring the road to recovery, restoration, and overall wellness is clear and uncomplicated

Focused Chiropractic Care Services

  • Pediatric Chiropractic Care: Our skilled approach leads to impressive results in various pediatric conditions, effectively easing discomfort in colicky and unsettled infants, and handling sensory and spectrum challenges​​.

  • Prenatal Chiropractic Care: We provide comprehensive clinical care and supportive services for expectant mothers, from conception to postnatal care, ensuring the best prenatal chiropractic assistance​​.

  • Family Chiropractic Care: Addressing common challenges faced by parents, such as burnout and stress, our chiropractic approach is designed to enhance overall family health​​.

How Advanced Vitality Helps

Hope. Solutions. Support

Pediatric chiropractic clinic members and their mom with Dr. Tara Sutton


At Advanced Vitality, our unique edge lies in our vast experience and specialization in pediatric chiropractic care. Our skilled approach leads to impressive results in various pediatric conditions, effectively easing discomfort in colicky and unsettled infants, providing tailored chiropractic solutions for chronically ill children, and expertly handling sensory and spectrum challenges. Our dedicated focus on pediatric chiropractic excellence ensures your child receives the highest standard of care and health improvements.

A prenatal chiropractic clinic member lying on the table being treated by an Advanced Vitality chiropractor


Advanced Vitality excels in prenatal chiropractic care, laying a strong foundation for the entire family's well-being right from the prenatal phase. Our comprehensive clinical care and supportive services for expectant mothers span from conception to postnatal care, demonstrating our extraordinary dedication to holistic health. This commitment ensures mothers receive the best prenatal chiropractic assistance, fostering health and wellness for both mother and child.

A smiling family of chiropractic clinic members at Advanced Vitality


At Advanced Vitality, we specialize in family chiropractic care that addresses the common challenges faced by parents, such as burnout, exhaustion, and stress. Our transformative chiropractic approach is designed to enhance overall family health, enabling parents to enjoy restful sleep, increased energy levels, and improved emotional well-being. By focusing on family chiropractic solutions, we help parents maintain optimal health and balance in their daily lives.

Meet the DOC

Led by Dr. Tara Sutton, a renowned authority in Pediatric, Prenatal and Family Chiropractic care, the exceptional all female team at Advanced Vitality stands at the forefront in this field. With an unparalleled blend of expertise derived from extensive education, practical application, and life experiences, our staff provides a level of care that is unmatched. From the moment you step foot into our clinic, you will be embraced as a cherished member of our family, as we prioritize your well-being above all else.

Dr. Tara Sutton posing for a photo at Advanced Vitality

Dr. Tara Sutton

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