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Shoulder Pain Solutions: Day 2

Our lives keep everything conveniently in front of us because it's easiest for our arms and hands to get things accomplished in that position. Unfortunately, we spend far too much time in this posture and it results in our shoulders rounding forward. This position often leads to something we call "impingement syndrome" of the shoulder. This happens when the muscles, tendons and ligaments that support and surround the shoulder become compressed and painful. Today's exercise is called the pendulum and it's designed to help relieve that painful compression. This information comes from the Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative in partnership with the Centre for Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation.



1. Lean slightly forward on with the unaffected arm resting on a table and the affected arm hanging down (you can add a small soup can or hand weight in the affected hand).

2. Gently use your body to start the arm swinging in the following directions: front and back, sided to side, circular in a clockwise and counter clockwise direction.

3. Repeat 10 repetition in each direction 2-3x/day.

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