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Dr. Tara Sutton

Brampton Chiropractor and Clinic Director

Advanced Vitality Family Health and Wellness Clinic

Serving the Brampton, Mississauga and

Greater Toronto Area

Dr. Tara Sutton

Advanced Vitality Director, Chiropractor, Pre/Post Natal Care Specialist, Pediatric Care Specialist and
Certified Ideal Protein Weight Loss Coach
Languages: English

Dr. Tara Sutton is a licensed chiropractor under the College of Chiropractors of Ontario serving Brampton, Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. Dr. Tara worked as an associate for Dr. Maureen Henderson, a highly regarded Chiropractor in the Brampton area, for 2 years before finally purchasing the practice in January 2014. Since then Advanced Vitality has grown to include 2 registered massage therapists, an athletic therapist, and another chiropractor. Her sister Lyndsay and husband Chris have also become integral parts of the family run practice.

Growing up in the Mississauga area, Dr. Tara was highly involved in extra curricular activities including competitive dance at the reputable Canadian Dance Company as well as REP level softball with the Mississauga North Tigers organization. In her last year of high school at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, she was selected as the Senior Female Athlete of the Year - as a result of her contributions to ROPSSAA Championship teams in Girls Flag Football and Girls Fast pitch as well as representing at OFSAA Track and Field championships in triple jump. That same year she also represented Team Canada at the World Dance Championships in Reisa, Germany. 

Her passion for sport directed her into the Kinesiology program at McMaster University and then onto the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

In 2015 she and her husband Chris welcomed their twin daughters Shea and Stevie and Dr. Tara was immediately motivated to learn more about working with children and pregnant women. She enrolled in the 2 year Diplomat Series with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association through which she received her Webster Technique Certification in 2016. She has since had the privilege of helping many women through their pregnancies and many new babies achieve health and wellness using Chiropractic care. 

Dr Tara | Full ICPA Certification
Dr Tara with daughters Stevie and Shea
Dr Tara and Family

"Caring for a pregnant women is all about her! The goal is the physical balancing of the muscles, ligaments and bony structures to allow mom and baby to have a comfortable pregnancy and a safe and healthy (and often faster) labour and birth. I am committed to the education about options that so many moms don't get (myself included)."


"Caring for the pediatric population is AMAZING. Children aren't bogged down by years of postural changes, injuries and overuse syndromes and therefore respond well. The treatment is so safe and gentle (no more force than the pressure required to break the skin on a ripe tomato) that babies often giggle through an adjustment. My own experience happened with my daughter Shea. She had met her developmental milestones perfectly - and her squat form was impeccable, until one day after she had been walking (and falling) for quite some time, that I started to notice that her left knee would turn inward when she was sitting. At around the same time, she started suffering from constipation (hard stool that is difficult and painful to pass) and although our doctor recommended the temporary use of an over-the-counter laxative, we found that unless we gave it to her everyday, she would suffer. So I started adjusting her. My goal was to re-align her pelvis so that her leg wouldn't turn in anymore as well as remove any interference to the nerves in the affected area (anatomically related to defecation). Within one week we threw out the laxative bottle and haven't needed it since. She has perfectly regular and easy bowel movements and my husband actually started calling it "an attitude adjustment" because she just seemed so much more happy and pleasant." 


Dr. Tara Sutton

Tara's Bio
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