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Advanced Vitality Newsletter | December 2022

Wishing you and your family best wishes for a healthy holiday season!

December 2022 at Advanced Vitality

  • Holiday Spirit at Advanced Vitality

  • The Gift of Health Certificates

  • Health Tip: How to get rid of that Chronic Cough

  • Clinic Member Spotlight: The Jefferies Family

  • Con-GRAD-ulations

  • Pre-book your 2023 appts.

  • Wellness Memberships

  • Birth Announcements

  • Mommy & Me Discount

  • Goodbye Ideal Protein

  • Holiday Schedule


Join the Holiday Spirit!

We are looking forward to having you and your kiddos join in our holiday activities this month!

Holiday Cookie Challenge

Who do you thinks has what it takes to makes the BEST holiday cookies? Last year our "Christmas Cake Off" was super fun and we wanted to do it again, with a little twist. This year the entire AV team is involved and we want to know who has the best holiday cookie recipe ... and need your help!

December 19th - 23rd, we are hosting our first ever Holiday Cookie Challenge! Each member of our team will submit their favourite holiday cookie for YOU to judge! All you have to do is VOTE for which one you think is the best (and get to eat delicious cookies at the same time!) We won't tell you who baked what, so the judging will be completely anonymous.


Holiday Spirit Week!

Monday, December 19th to Friday, December 23rd

Wear your Holiday Spirit into the clinic and earn an entry to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Holiday Spirit Week Theme Days:

  • Monday, December 19: Holiday Colours!

  • Tuesday, December 20: Winter Wonderland! Wear your white's, blue's and sparkles!

  • Wednesday, December 21: Christmas Character Day! - Santa, Rudolph, Elf, etc.

  • Thursday, December 22: Ugly Holiday Sweaters!

  • Friday, December 23: Twas' the Night Before Christmas! (Christmas PJ Day)

Check out some photos from last year's Holiday Spirit Week!


Spice the Elf is Back!

Hey AV Kids! Check out the letter we received from our Elf Spice! We are excited for her arrival on December 1st!

Hi Advanced Vitality Friends,

I missed you so much! The Holiday Season is finally here and it is my favourite time of year. Each day, I will be hiding in a new place. But remember to leave me be, otherwise my magic will flee.

I'll be reporting back to Santa each night, so make sure to be on your best behaviour. Remember to be a good helper and always be kind to others.

I cannot wait to see all the good you're up to this month!

- Spice

Spice was pretty sneaky last year and had some great hiding spots. When you're in for your appointment, let us know if you spot her!


Holiday Photo Corner

Our Holiday Photo Corner will be set up at the clinic during Holiday Spirit Week - December 19th to December 23rd. We will gladly use your phone to snap photos of your family or kiddos!


Christmas Colouring Contest

Our Christmas Colouring contest is back and open to ALL AGES!

We will award prizes in the following age groups:

0 - 5 yrs | 6 - 8 yrs | 9 yrs+

The colouring contest will run from December 1st to 23rd.

How to Participate

Colour your Christmas colouring contest submission when you're in the clinic next or

CLICK HERE to download your copy and colour from home.

How to Submit

1. Post a picture of your completed sheet to social media tagging Advanced Vitality:


2. Email a photo of the completed sheet with your name on it to and use the subject heading “Christmas Colouring Contest”


3. Drop off your completed sheet the next time you are in the clinic

Make sure you submit by December 23rd! If you have any questions, contact us!

Good Luck!


The Gift of Health

We are so excited to be able to offer this AMAZING DEAL again this year! This deal ONLY comes around ONCE A YEAR, so pass on the LOVE this season and give the Gift of Health this season!

We know that a lot of you want someone in your family to take advantage of the benefits of our unique neurofunctional approach to Chiropractic. We hear it all the time from you:

"I wish my husband would come here"


"I should probably get my kids in here to get their scans done."

Now is the perfect time to share the Gift of Health with someone you love and want to have an AMAZING 2023!

What's included:

1) Amazing Discount on Initial Fee: Just $99 (regular $220)

2) $100 Care Plan Credit (applied at sign up)


Below is the Gift of Health Certificate and you can even share it electronically, so go ahead and give the Gift of Health now!

This is a limited time offer and will expire on January 31, 2023.

CLICK HERE to download a version to send to a friend or family member.

The new Clinic Member must have the certificate with them at their initial consultation.


How to Get Rid of that CHRONIC COUGH

“Her immune system felt very weak, from very early on. She seemed to pick up any and every cold/virus out there and experienced chronic ear infections. With every cold, she would experience a cough that lingered for 2-3 weeks. It felt like we were only getting one “healthy” week per month.”

Sound Familiar?

Chronic coughing is a condition that can have a serious negative impact on an individual’s quality of life and can be especially disruptive for children. But because a chronic cough may not be attached to other, more overt symptoms of colds or illnesses, it can be difficult to know how to provide the right care. Here, we explore common questions about chronic coughing, including chronic-cough symptoms, possible causes, and care options.


Clinic Member Spotlight: The Jefferies Family

Meet Leanne and her 2 beautiful girls! We first met Leanne when she was pregnant with her second baby. She was experiencing quite a bit of pain in her low back and pelvis and was finding it difficult to walk. Each adjustment required a unique approach for her specific needs and we were able to help her feel much more comfortable.

While I was pregnant, my birth preparation instructor talked about the benefits of chiropractic care on newborns but with my first I had no idea where to go and was scared of what chiropractic care would look like for a newborn.
My daughter was born with a tongue tie that ended up needing to be released 3 separate times. Dr. Tara was there throughout the process helping to release all the tension.
Seeing the benefits it had for myself and my newborn encouraged me to try it for my toddler's constipation problems as well and I wish I had started bringing her sooner because the results have been SO positive!


We want to shout it out loud and proud for ALL our recent GRADUATES! These folks put the time and effort into their Restorative Care Plan to achieve all the benefits that Neurofunctional Chiropractic Care has to offer! Congratulations on all your health and wellness achievements, we look forward to helping you maintain and build on those with your Wellness Membership!


Pre-Book your 2023 Appointments

This month our friendly Clinic Coordinators will be helping book out your 2023 appointments to ensure you continue to get your preferred days and times in the new year. It happens almost every year that people get so used to their pre-booked appointments and forget to do it for the new year! We've got you covered and will help you take care of that so you don't miss out on your wonderful chiropractic care!


Wellness Memberships

Our Wellness Memberships are a hit! Congratulations to everyone who has graduated from Restoration care and are enjoying the member benefits of a Wellness Membership!

These memberships are offered to qualifying Clinic Members that have completed a Restoration Care Plan and wish to maintain their achievements and optimize their health with regular weekly or bi-weekly chiropractic adjustments. Additional perks accompany these memberships including complimentary Health Scans, discounted fees and Family Plans.

If you would like to learn more about our Wellness Memberships, please speak with one of our Care Coordinators at the Front Desk at your next appointment!


Birth Announcements

Congratulations to all our Mamas who gave birth this past month! We are so honoured to have played a role in your pregnancy journey and look forward to helping you recover and your baby thrive during this next phase of your lives!

Congratulations to our Clinic Member Mama's Paulina, Niluja & Michelle on the births of your babies last month!

"Chiropractic at Advanced Vitality has been an amazing experience throughout my pregnancy. It helped relieve my pain and I learned exercises and stretches to help prepare myself for an unmedicated labour/delivery. Through what I’ve learned I was able to have a fast and smooth delivery without medication. I’m very thankful for Tara and the Advanced Vitality team!"

~ Paulina & Baby Julia


MOMMY & ME Chiropractic Packages

We are pleased to offer all of our New Moms a special discounted rate when you package your post-partum re-evaluation and your newborn initial assessment.

*contact the clinic for full details


Goodbye Ideal Protein

Many of you dieters have already been contacted by Coach Maria about our upcoming change to the Ideal Protein Services offered at Advanced Vitality so it comes as no surprise that as of January 1, 2023 we will no longer be offering the Ideal Protein Coaching Services or Products through Advanced Vitality. This comes as Advanced Vitality makes a shift in our clinical focus on improving our chiropractic services and member experience!

SPECIAL NOTE: Ideal Protein is increasing their product pricing so to avoid the higher fees our deadline for the last order will be DECEMBER 14th!

If you have any questions or concerns about where you can go to continue your Ideal Protein Journey we recommend clicking below:



Dr. Tara will be away on Monday December 19th

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