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Clinic Member Spotlight: The Jefferies

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Meet Leanne and her 2 beautiful girls! We first met Leanne when she was pregnant with her second baby. She was experiencing quite a bit of pain in her low back and pelvis and was finding it difficult to walk. Each adjustment required a unique approach for her specific needs and we were able to help her feel much more comfortable.

I had read about the benefits of chiropractic care for breech babies which is why I initially began visiting Advanced Vitality. I loved my experience and knew I would continue to receive chiropractic care post natal.

At our clinic we take a different approach to chiropractic and healing. It's called the Neuro-Functional approach which means that we evaluate your body for interference points in the brain-body connection. Since the brain controls and coordinates all the systems and functions of the rest of the body, our chiropractic approach aims to improve that connection and allow the body to do it's thang!

At our clinic, all our Chiropractic Doctors are trained in the Neuro-Functional approach and use the innovative INSiGHT Health Scanning Technology and The Webster Technique, which is something that our clinic members really appreciate!

While I was pregnant, my birth preparation instructor talked about the benefits of chiropractic care on newborns but with my first I had no idea where to go and was scared of what chiropractic care would look like for a newborn. After seeing how knowledgeable everyone at Advanced Vitality was I knew I would bring my second born there once she was born to have an assessment done.

The unique Neuro-Functional approach and Health Scanning Technology we use at Advanced Vitality means that we can also take amazing care of babies, kids and teens! Our health scans show direct correlation to systems and symptoms that their bodies are experiencing and allow us to focus our care on restoring balance in those areas. This gives parents a sense of ease when it comes to getting their kiddos checked and adjusted.

Often times, when birth needs some intervention like forceps, vacuum or even c-section, there is significant stress put on the upper neck of the baby - which is the area that directly corresponds to latching, sucking and swallowing. If this stress isn't resolved, it can build up and create more stress within your baby's nervous system leading to things like colic, reflux, ear infections, chronic colds and sickness, developmental milestone delay, speech delays, sensory overload and even ADHD and anxiety. We call this sequence of stress build up - The Perfect Storm and all of this can be helped with Neurofunctional Pediatric Chiropractic care, especially early intervention!

As more women return to breastfeeding, there's been a large increase in latching problems, nipple pain and babies being diagnosed with tongue and lip ties. Some health professionals have suggested that a mother-baby breastfeeding dyad has approximately 14 days to establish an effective breastfeeding connection before giving up and moving on to other options. One of the greatest benefits of early chiropractic care for a newborn is improved latching and breastfeeding. As pediatric chiropractors, we are acutely aware of the relationship between a newborn's nervous system and the biomechanics of their upper neck, jaw and tongue and recognize the need for pediatric chiropractic care to support a healthy latch & breastfeeding experience.

Dr. Tara assess latch
My daughter was born with a tongue tie that ended up needing to be released 3 separate times. Dr. Tara was there throughout the process helping to release all the tension that was affecting her ability to nurse. Feeding my infant has also become a lot less stressful and her latch and nursing has improved a lot!

Many people think that chiropractic is only for neck pain, back pain or headaches, and while we do amazing things for these symptoms, there's so much more to benefit from. However, there is definitely some fear out there for mom's to bring their babies and kids to a chiropractor. Here's what Leanne had to say about that:

I was afraid for myself and my kids to try chiropractic care before I started at Advanced Vitality. I was picturing a painful experience. As soon as I had my first adjustment though my idea immediately shifted. After having my own adjustments done I knew my kids would be in good hands.
It was still a bit scary to picture what newborn care would look like but everything was explained every step of the way and there was nothing scary about it at all!

Seeing the benefits it had for myself and my newborn encouraged me to try it for my toddler's constipation problems as well and I wish I had started bringing her sooner because the results have been SO positive!

We are always interested in mom-to-mom advice and so we asked Leanne what pearl of wisdom would she share with other moms about pediatric chiropractic and Advanced Vitality? Here's what she shared:

My biggest piece of advice would be to try it! The benefits for my family have been amazing and it is so gentle on my 4 month old and 3 year old that they smile and laugh throughout the appointment. The providers are all very knowledgeable and talk you through everything they are doing which is very reassuring.

Adjustments are painless and I look forward to my visits. My 4 month old baby smiles throughout her adjustments which is reassuring in knowing that her treatments are pain free and enjoyable. The providers are great with my toddler. They help her feel comfortable, explain what they are doing and she spends most of her adjustments laughing on the table.

Both of my daughters, as well as myself, are doing so much better thanks to everyone at Advanced Vitality. My favourite thing is just how nice, welcoming, knowledgeable and accommodating all the staff are. From the moment we enter, to when we leave, I know we will all be in good hands!

We are so happy that Leanne found us and continues to trust us to take care of her and her girls! We are especially grateful that she continually shares her experiences with our community. It's stories like Leanne's that help make this world (and the kiddos in it) much healthier and happier!

If this sounds like the place for you and your family, please connect with us to find out more answers about how we help families just like yours!