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Advanced Vitality Newsletter | July 2022

July 2022 at Advanced Vitality

  • NEW Clinic Hours (as of June 6th)

  • Father's Day Giveaway Winner: Robb

  • Clinic Member Spotlight: Mehvish

  • Summer Workshops

  • Con-GRAD-ulations

  • Wellness Memberships

  • Welcome Dr. Jasmin

  • BLOG: What is Colic?

  • Mommy & Me Discount

  • 'Break a Leg' Tamika

  • Happy Birthday Tamara

  • Congratulations Alexa & Josh

  • FREE Therapy for Moms

  • Clinic Holidays


New Clinic Hours

A friendly reminder!

We are always looking to improve your experience and make sure that our availability is maximized to support your desired days and times! So with that, we've changed up our hours (just a bit) to offer more availability at peak times!

Our new clinic hours take effect MONDAY JUNE 6th 2022


Father's Day Giveaway Winner:

Congratulations Robb!

This year we curated a "DAD DAY" box with things we knew the dad in your lives would love! We invited everyone to answer our daily trivia questions to discover the 'secret code word' to be entered into the Grand Prize Draw! We had 12 entries into our draw and we were excited to draw our Clinic member Robb's name!

Congratulations Robb and thank-you to everyone who participated!


Clinic Member Spotlight: Mehvish

After being bedridden and barely able to walk at the end of her first pregnancy, Mehvish knew this time around there had to be a better way. She was disheartened by the lack of recommendations from her OB-GYN and wasn't going to accept the statement "it's normal, you're pregnant" anymore.

That's when she found us! Click to read all the amazing benefits Mehvish describes since starting Prenatal Chiropractic Care with Advanced Vitality!


Upcoming Summer Workshops

The Perfect Storm

WHEN: Thursday August 4th 7:00pm-8:30pm

(doors open at 6:30pm)

COST: FREE (refreshments will be provided!)

WHERE: IN-PERSON (details to be released soon)

(registration is required)

Baby Chiropractic with Alli Therapy

WHEN: Wednesday July 27th 10:30am-11:30am

COST: FREE (just bring your smile!)

WHERE: ZOOM (registration below)



We want to shout it out loud and proud for ALL our recent GRADUATES! These folks put the time and effort into their Restorative Care Plan to achieve all the benefits that Neurofunctional Chiropractic Care has to offer! Congratulations on all your health and wellness achievements, we look forward to helping you maintain those with your Wellness Membership!


Wellness Memberships

Our Wellness Memberships are a hit! Congratulations to everyone who has graduated from Restoration care and are enjoying the member benefits of a Wellness Membership!

These memberships are offered to qualifying Clinic Members that have completed a Restoration Care Plan and wish to maintain their achievements and optimize their health with regular weekly or bi-weekly chiropractic adjustments. Additional perks accompany these memberships including complimentary Health Scans, discounted fees and Family Plans.

If you would like to learn more about our Wellness Memberships, please speak with one of our Care Coordinators at the Front Desk at your next appointment!


Welcome Dr. Jasmin

Here we GROW again!

We are so very excited to announce the addition of the amazing Dr. Jasmin Maxymowich to our Advanced Vitality Doctor Team! She will be spending the first few months getting to know her way around the clinic and meeting YOU, our fantastic clinic members!

Please be sure to say “Hello“ and introduce yourself when you see her!


What is Colic?

Still today there is no consensus in the medical community as to what is causing colic in infants, and because of that, they often offer little help to struggling, exhausted parents. Frustratingly the most common advice parents are given still today is to let them cry it out, and also, “Don’t worry, they’ll grow out of it.”

But as Pediatric Chiropractors, our entire obsession is with finding the cause of a child’s health condition, so that we can then know with certainty the best plan moving forward to help them heal and overcome it.

Here, we take a closer look at colic: what the potential causes are and what parents can do to help their little ones get the care they need.


Birth Announcements

Congratulations to all our Mamas who gave birth this past month! We are so honoured to have played a role in your pregnancy journey and look forward to helping you recover and your baby thrive during this next phase of your lives!