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Clinic Member Spotlight: Mehvish

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Mehvish poses for a picture with Dr. Tara Sutton after a prenatal chiropractic adjustment using the Webster Technique
Mehvish & Dr. Tara

Meet Mehvish! She found Advanced Vitality when she was looking for help with constant neck pain and sciatica related to her pregnancy. She had experienced all of this before in her first pregnancy and was determined not to feel like that again this time around!

In her first pregnancy she ended up bedridden with unrelenting pain in her neck and low back. She was unable to walk or do much of anything so she asked her OB/GYN, chiropractor and massage therapists if there was anything she could do. She was frustrated to repeatedly be told "You're pregnant, it's normal". Even from her chiropractor, she was told "I'm not comfortable adjusting you in this state so instead I can do some light massage work". Her labour and delivery went fairly well, but her back pain and a major feeling of instability in her pelvis was getting worse after delivery. Again, she asked her OB/GYN for some guidance only to be told "there's nothing that I can help you with at this point".

When she got pregnant a second time, she was convinced that there had to be a better way. She was incredibly worried and anxious about feeling the way she did in her first pregnancy and started doing some intense research.

That's when she found Advanced Vitality!

After discovering The Webster Technique in her research, she knew that a certified Pediatric Chiropractor was exactly what she needed to ease her discomforts (and her worries). She was certain that Advanced Vitality was the place she needed to be after attending one of our educational workshops. She booked her initial consult immediately and came in that week for her Insight Health Scans and Consultation with Dr. Tara Sutton.

After a few adjustments she started to feel a lot better ... and got a special surprise too!

"I started care because of headaches, neck pain and sciatica. within a couple of sessions I was feeling much better AND my baby flipped into a head down position."

When we asked Mehvish about why she loves her care here at Advanced Vitality she mentioned "the extras". At Advanced Vitality, our providers not only have training and certification in prenatal chiropractic techniques, but also have an extensive network of affiliated providers and knowledge of pregnancy specific techniques, exercises and movements to support the chiropractic care. She was so committed to her care and feeling her best that she asked if she could bring her husband in to learn some of these techniques. We had a fun session teaching and demonstrating techniques from Spinning Babies giving her husband a real role in supporting this pregnancy!

We are so glad that Mehvish found Advanced Vitality and that we have been able to fill the gaps in her health care team that were missing during her first pregnancy. We are always honoured when a Mama allows us to play a part in the amazing journey of bringing a new miracle into this world!

We are looking forward to meeting Mehvish's new little one and being able to help support both her post-partum recovery and ensure that her baby gets the best support early on to start life with the best foot forward!

If this sounds like a place that you think would benefit you during your pregnancy, please connect with us to find out more answers and provide more information on how we can help!

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