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Chiropractic & Pregnancy: The Webster Technique

Dr. Tamara Holowka and a pregnant patient pose for a photo after a prenatal chiropractic appointment

Women all over the world are turning inward to their natural ability to give birth. We are taking back what once was our right and possibly one of the most empowering experiences a women will ever undertake. In countless communities in the developed world, the surge in midwifery, doulas and home births indicate a shift in birth preferences and plans.

At Advanced Vitality, our unique neuro-functional approach to prenatal chiropractic care aims to support a woman during her pregnancy and beyond by creating balance in the nervous system and pelvic biomechanics. In doing so, our clinic members report less aches and pains, and faster, easier and safer labour. Additionally, our mamas look to chiropractic care in their post-partum period and report less back pain from breast feeding, improved breast milk production and increased recovery time from labour and delivery.

Chiropractors who work with pregnant women have extra certification in The Webster Technique through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). The Webster Technique is a chiropractic specific neuro-biomechanical assessment and correction to a pregnant woman's pelvis and associated soft-tissues. The purpose of this safe and gentle approach is to remove interference to the nerves that serve the uterus, control the growth and development of the baby and ultimately the coordinate the natural progression of labour. Additionally, by improving balance in the muscles, bones and ligaments of a pregnant pelvis, it allows for greater mobility for the mama and optimal space for her baby, thereby influencing more desirable in-utero positions for the baby (helpful in avoiding and rectifying breech position).

A specialized chiropractic table with drop pieces and a pregnancy pillow
pregnancy pillow and chiropractic table
What does the adjustment look like?

The Webster Technique begins with the pregnant woman lying face down on a specialized chiropractic table with supportive prenatal pillows to support her baby bump. Using a gentle 'drop piece' in the table, the chiropractor corrects any rotation or tilt in the mother's sacrum. The chiropractor then removes any tension or twisting in the gluteal musculature and sacral ligaments. The second part of The Webster Technique has the mother lying on her back. The chiropractor assesses and corrects pelvic biomechanics in the pubic symphysis, round ligaments and psoas muscles. Click on the video below to view a demonstration of The Webster technique.

In some cases a pregnant woman may not feel comfortable lying down and we are always able to accommodate her with alternative techniques and positions. Additionally, our chiropractors are well equipped to prescribe home care tips and exercises to help support the adjustment in between appointments.

How Often Do I need to be Adjusted?

Typical care recommendations for a pregnant woman start early in her pregnancy. Some women even choose to start chiropractic before conception as it has been shown to increase the potential for successful implantation. Bi-weekly appointments in the first and second trimesters support the postural changes that accompany pregnancy. Appointments often increase to weekly or more in the third trimester right up until labour depending on the individual case. In fact many women say that the adjustment even helps labour progress.

After a mother has birthed her baby, we know how much she needs the Fourth Trimester to heal and recover from the massive change and events of pregnancy and birth. That's we are pleased to offer our Mommy & Me post-partum package to support mama with her recovery but also to get her baby checked to support a healthy start to life.

Watch this quick video of The Webster Adjustment:

If you are pregnant or know someone who is, and want to learn more abut how prenatal chiropractic care can help improve pregnancy and birth outcomes, call, email or DM us on social media, we can't wait to meet you!

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