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How can Chiropractic help keep my kids healthy this season?

Title page for a health blog about chiropractic and how it helps with children's immunity

The first thing to discuss here is that chiropractic does not attempt to treat or cure croup in any way, shape, or form. No matter the condition at hand, chiropractic care seeks to boost and improve the body’s own natural defenses against stress and illness, not do the job for it.

Pediatric + Family Chiropractors like our docs here at Advanced Vitality focus entirely on addressing something called subluxation, which occurs when there is an excessive build-up of stress (physical trauma, chemicals + toxins, mental + emotional) and tension on the nervous system, leaving it in a state of something called dysautonomia.

The most common things parents report when bringing their children in for adjustments during bouts of croup, colds, and other respiratory illnesses are:

  1. Improved drainage and ability to dispel mucus and congestion

  2. Improved sleep and easier to soothe and relax

  3. Less severity and duration of illness (able to get through it faster)

  4. Less use of OTC or prescription medications

The first thing neurologically-focused chiropractic adjustments seek to do is restore balance to the central and autonomic nervous systems. Since the nervous system controls and regulates all other major systems, including the immune system, this is an important place to start and a foundational piece of care for families who want to help their kids get and stay healthy without drugs and medications.

Typically when a child is subluxated, they are stuck in a sustained and excessive sympathetic fight-or-flight tone (dysautonomia), which leads to the following physiological responses:

  • Increased constriction and restriction on the muscles of the airway, eustachian tubes, respiratory system, lymphatics, etc.

  • Increased inflammation or lessened ability to control and modulate inflammation

  • Increased mucus production

  • Decreased digestive motility, elimination, and detoxification

In many cases, we see kids start to kick their sickness in a much faster period of time with less need for medical intervention and medication while under chiropractic care. I know as a parent and a chiropractor, an extra "boost" adjustment is something I use for my kids at the onset of a cold or illness. I love sharing this information with other parents so I'm hosting another FREE ONLINE Workshop call "Kick The Sick" on Monday November 27th @ 7:30pm and I'd love for you to join me! Just click below to register for FREE!

What can I do at home?

Like all respiratory and immune challenges in kids, the good news is that there is quite a bit we can do at home to help them rest, recuperate, and recover without drugs and medications many times! It all starts with focusing on that word we’ve already shared first – rest.

When your child struggles with a cold or croup, the body’s natural intelligence will already look to decrease activity (moving, eating, etc.) and increase rest (fatigued, lethargic, etc.) to help prioritize resources to help fight off and clear the infection.

The number one thing to consider is ensuring your child can get adequate rest and fluid intake. Staying hydrated through a respiratory illness is key. If they become extremely lethargic to the point of possible dehydration, taking them in to see your medical provider and having possible intervention is most warranted.

When at home, look to keep them as calm and comfortable as possible, along with keeping them hydrated. Look to add a humidifier to the room or even spend some time soothing them in the bathroom with a hot shower running nearby to make it extra humid and moist in there.

Then additionally, to try and both hydrate the airway and reduce swelling and inflammation, alternate between that warm and humid air and cold air, wrapping them in blankets and going into cool air in another room or even outside for 5-10 minutes.

Additionally, as parents today, we have a whole host of natural options available to us in the form of essential oils, vitamins and supplements, whole foods, and more! Please see our blog post with our ‘Nature’s Medicine Cabinet’ blog as a reference for help here.

Always remember home care is best used in conjunction with recommendations and care provided by your healthcare practitioner, so always consult with them during this process as well!

And don't forget, if you want to hang out with me and talk more about this, register for our FREE ONLINE Kick The Sick Workshop on Monday November 27th @ 7:30pm! Tap the button to register!

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