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Improving Kids' Health: Chiropractic for Constipation and Ear Infections

Updated: May 5

Meet Juelz & Aaliyah!

These awesome kiddos started care at our clinic when their mom, Sherana, decided she wanted more information about her kids' ongoing health issues. She did her research and just like many of our clinic moms, joined all the facebook groups and noticed a trend. Over and over again, other mom's were recommending Chiropractic Care!

After finding us online and checking out our website she was impressed with our neurofunctional approach and the INSiGHT scanning technology and decided this is the place where she wanted to take her kids.

The state of the art INSiGHT scanning technology provides certainty and clarity for understanding the root cause of disease and symptoms
INSiGHT Scanning Technology
"I've learned that our brain and spinal cord have nerves that make up the nervous system and that it controls everything in our body and this is why Chiropractic improves the function of the nervous system so that everything can work well."

Education empowers moms and parents to ask more questions and seek more answers when it comes to health care for your kids. You will find us in the community doing 'lunch & learns' for local businesses, collaborations with mom groups and we host FREE Monthly Workshops to help our community learn more about the benefits of our unique Neurofunctional approach to Chiropractic Care.

boarding pass to our upcoming workshop

This month our FREE ONLINE education session for parents is Raising Healthy Kids, Naturally on Tuesday April 30th at 7:00pm. This workshop is designed for parents who want to learn the science behind keeping our kids healthy and natural options & recommendation for supporting a healthy and wildly vibrant life!

Each family has different needs and each care plan is unique and tailored to help each person based on their story, INSiGHT Health Scan results and neurofunctional physical evaluation. We have regular progress exams where your kids are re-scanned so we can track their progress, but we also ask for feedback on how they are doing at home, school and in their other activities. We are also interested in your child's digestion, behavior, sleep & energy level which are all rooted in their nervous system, so we expect positive changes with consistent care.

We asked Sherana what changes she noticed after introducing chiropractic care:

My daughter Aaliyah used to experience constipation and since she has been seeing Dr. Tara, her constipation has improved. She would get backed up and vomit and it was always very unpleasant seeing her like that of course. I am so happy Aaliyah is in Dr. Tara's care.

Dr. Tara poses for a photo during an adjustment
Dr. Tara & Aaliyah
My son Juelz was told that he had fluid in his ears and that he may need to get the fluid drained if it didn't drain on its own. Things took a turn for the worst and he couldn't even hear me properly at home (due to the fluid in his ears) and I would have to speak a little louder. I am happy to report that he can hear me at home and I don't have to speak loudly and that is all thanks to Dr. Tara.

Juelz gives a thumbs up while getting adjusted
Dr. Tara & Juelz

We know that many parents are concerned about getting their children "cracked" by a chiropractor and uncertain if it's safe or not? While we often discuss the safety of pediatric chiropractic, it's always comforting to hear the words from another mom who's been through it.

We asked Sherana if she had any concerns about chiropractic for kids:

I was never afraid to try Chiropractic for my children as I did my research and read other people's success stories. I knew that people either experienced similar issues or the same issues and were very happy with the outcome so I didn't hesitate to reach out to Dr. Tara. The only thing I wish is that I reached out sooner.

Dr. Tara & Juelz post for a photo at his vitality appointment
Juelz earns his Vitality Certificate!

When we asked Sherana what advice she would give to other moms considering chiropractic for their kids, here's what she had to say:

"I would suggest that they don't wait another day to get their kids in to see a Chiropractor. The adjustments are so gentle and the differences that I have noticed are amazing. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain because when your children are healthy and well, you're happy too!

We'd like to thank Sherana and her kids for taking the time to share your experiences and for placing your trust in Advanced Vitality to be a dedicated part of your health care team! It is truly our pleasure to have your family in the clinic!

If this sounds like the place you'd like to bring your family, please reach out to us via phone, email or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about our clinic.


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