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Clinic Member Spotlight: The Legate/Mildebrath Family

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Dr. Tara poses with Payge and her daughters after a chiropractic appointment for the family.
Dr. Tara, Isla, Payge & Baby Esmae

We met Payge when she was newly pregnant with her first baby, Isla. She came to us with unrelenting headaches that had gotten worse since getting pregnant and it was impacting her ability to enjoy her pregnancy. With specialized prenatal chiropractic care, we were able to ease her headaches and prepare her body for labour and delivery. She actually went into labour in the clinic after an appointment - we were all so excited!

I needed a natural, but effective treatment for my headaches and migraines. However, I have since learned and experienced many more benefits related to my immune system, my stress levels, my other bodily systems functioning optimally and my overall well being and mood.

It was no surprise that she was ready to get herself and her new baby checked as soon as she could after giving birth. Payge had learned a lot during her prenatal care and had done her own homework about the benefits of neurofunctional pediatric chiropractic care, and how important it was to have her baby's highly developing nervous system clear of interference during the biggest period of brain growth and development (the first 2 years of life).

My 3 year old daughter knows and loves the routine of adjustments. She feels very confident and at home in the clinic, which I love. Watching my baby get a treatment is also the best - you can see her body completely relax throughout! It's truly amazing to watch.

It was soon after, that she convinced her husband Phil that he should get assessed too!

Payge, Isla & Phil at Xmas Mini Photo Shoot 2020

As with most folks, the pandemic shot our nervous systems into a massive sympathetic dominant state (a state of constant fight or flight mode) making it incredibly difficult for our bodies to do much more than simply survive. Neurology 101 states that the body cannot be in both "protect" mode (sympathetic) AND "growth" mode (parasympathetic) at the same time, and since the parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for things such as growing a baby - it's ability to turn on and function is absolutely necessary for getting and staying pregnant. These were conversations that we had with many of our moms who were struggling with pregnancy during the pandemic, Payge included. We regularly completed the Neurofunctional Insight Health Scans on Payge during a dedicated care plan to to balance her nervous system. And it worked!

Throughout her recent pregnancy she attended chiropractic regularly, managed her stress levels and envisioned the type of birth she wanted for this baby (especially with unknowns of what this time would look like due to pandemic rules). She really wanted to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian) and knew that chiropractic care and the Spinning Babies activities that she was learning were key players to helping her achieve it.

On that fateful Monday she arrived for her appointment and announced that she was already dilating and she wouldn't be surprised if this baby was born on Her own Birthday in 3 days! Later that week we got the email birth announcement that Baby Esmae was here and she was born the day before Payge's Birthday - what a birthday present!

As with her first Baby, Payge was quick to book herself and her new baby Esmae an appointment at Advanced Vitality to get their nervous systems checked. For Payge, she knew that her body had just done an amazing and difficult task in growing and birthing a baby and would probably require some help in rebalancing and restoring function during her recovery period.

For baby Esmae, Payge wanted to make sure that her nervous system was primed, clear and ready for the massive growth and development that was going to be taking place over the next important months of her life!

I now know that we can proactively help our health through chiropractic, rather than simply reactively. For my children, I want them to have a great start to life, feeling and functioning at their best!

Using our Insight Health Scanning Technology, we were able to evaluate how both Mama and Baby's nervous systems were working and locate the exact areas where there was interference and stress so we could create a customized plan to help both of them thrive through the 4th Trimester and beyond!

When we asked Payge what benefits she's noticed in herself and her family since starting chiropractic care, here's what she said:

  • decreased stress levels

  • less bodily aches and pains

  • less frequent headaches and migraines

  • quicker recovery time from colds

  • better working bowel system

  • overall feeling great!

If you'd like to learn more about Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractic Care at Advanced Vitality, you can reach us by Phone at 905-453-3385 or by email at

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