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CM Spotlight: The Horansky Family

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

As a mama to these 3 beautiful and energetic boys, Sarah is one busy lady and she's been prioritizing natural health for herself and her kids! We caught up with Sarah this month and asked her to share why she makes regular wellness chiropractic care a priority for herself and her kids.

I always needed adjustments because of many past injuries from car accidents, snowboarding, post natal and dance but didn't know that chiropractic care was good for more than just physical pain. After going to the Perfect Storm Workshop, Dr. Tara explained that it helps with our autonomic nervous system and I was intrigued by that because I wanted to help my kids with their emotions and behaviours. I also realized that I needed help managing my anxiety, stress and being overwhelmed.

Many women are choosing body work during pregnancy including prenatal chiropractic care. At Advanced Vitality, our providers Dr. Tara Sutton, Dr. Tamara Holowka & Dr. Jasmin Maxymowich have specialized training in prenatal chiropractic care including The Webster Technique. Our doctors also have specialized training and extensive experience taking care of babies and kids. We asked Sarah why she chose pediatric chiropractic care for her kids?

Originally I was referred to Advanced Vitality by my Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist years ago after the birth of my first son. Then after hearing my friend going here with her 2 kids, I waited to hear back from her experience. I went to the Perfect Storm Workshop in the summer of 2022 in hopes to learn more about what could help with ADHD symptoms for one of my kids. After attending the workshop I really connected with Dr. Tara and the team and decided to book an initial appointment and health scans for myself and my 3 boys.

Education is power and something that we place high priority on for our community. You will find us in the community doing 'lunch & learns' for local businesses, collaborations with mom groups and we host FREE Monthly Workshops to help our community learn more about the benefits of our unique Neurofunctional approach to Chiropractic Care. Teaching people about the amazing benefits of chiropractic and how it actually works is what really fuels our fire. Each family has different needs and each care plan is unique and tailored to help each person based on their past history, INSiGHT Health Scan results and neurofunctional physical evaluation. We asked Sarah if there were specific reasons she wanted to try chiropractic for her kids:

happy to get adjusted!

My oldest son has anxiety and does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so I decided he should have chiropractic care to help with anxiety and any issues that came from his activities.

Dr. Tara checks neck mobility
My husband and I were concerned that our middle son has ADHD so I wanted to get him chiropractic care to help with that. He had a tongue tie when he was born and had it released 3 times when he was a newborn baby but it grew back each time. At 5 years old we decided to get help from a myofunctional therapist and chiropractic care to help prepare him for his 4th release because it was affecting his speech, oral care, behaviour and sleep.

Our youngest has knocked knees and trouble with balancing. I know that he's only 3 years old and is still developing but if he gets adjustments at an early age it will help with his development growing up.

We know there is A LOT of mis-information about Pediatric Chiropractic care out there and that the idea of bringing your baby or child for an adjustment can seem pretty scary. So we asked Sarah to describe how she felt about it with her kids. Here's what she said:

I wasn't afraid because I've been to a Chiropractor before, many times. They have always helped me feel better. I was a little skeptical going to this clinic because it's not the typical kind of chiropractic people think of due to the individualized care plans and neurofunctional approach. I really like that they do health scans to measure how things are progressing and are geared towards prenatal, post-natal, newborns and children.

We asked Sarah what advice she would give to parents thinking about Chiropractic care for themselves and their families:

Just go for it! You only have one body and you want to live your best life.
I was on the fence about Chiropractic care in the beginning because of money and trying to schedule in appointments with an already full schedule, but I was determined to go to every appointment because I knew it would help me with overall life balance.

I was worried it would cause more stress in my life but with each adjustment, I got better and better. Just find the time and make sure it's right for you because you want to make sure you follow your whole care plan to reap the benefits. You WILL feel better at the end. It's totally worth it!

At Advanced Vitality our team is here to make your experience the best one ever! We will always strive to answer your questions, make you and your kids feel comfortable, welcome and well taken care of. We are constantly striving to improve our clinic so you get the best of the best when you and your family become members at Advanced Vitality! Here's what Sarah said her favourite thing about Advanced Vitality was:

My favourite things about Advanced Vitality are that they are very understanding, help each of us with our own issues and are very flexible with appointments. Everyone at the clinic is very welcoming and understanding that kids are loud, my boys included! The team plays and interacts with my boys while I get adjusted and the chiropractors always answer all my questions and are very informative.

Dr. Tara and the Horansky Family pose with funny faces after a family chiropractic appointment
Dr. Tara & The Horansky's acting silly!

We'd like to thank Sarah and her family for taking the time to share your experiences and for placing your trust in Advanced Vitality to be a dedicated part of your health care team - We are lucky to have you & the boyspart of our community!

If this sounds like the place you'd like to bring your family, please reach out to us via phone, email or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about our clinic.

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