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Kick the Sick Workshop


Monday November 27th @ 7:30pm

Hey Parents, are you having the toughest time keeping your kids healthy? Does it seem like you're stuck in this endless cycle of one week healthy, the next sick. Or do you have the kid that catches EVERYTHING coming through school/daycare and then bringing it home to you or your other kids? What about the kiddo that can't seem to get rid of that pesky cough or congestion?

Well this workshop is for you!

This season signals the beginning of the busy holiday season. From Halloween sweets, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas cookies, increased stress & excitement, indulging, and late nights… you (and your kids) may start to feel sluggish, exhausted, out of routine, and off-balance. Back to school, day care and extra-curricular activities can shift your kids' nervous system into a stressed out, exhausted state relating to all sorts of common colds, flus and illness.

What does stress look like in our kids? Poor sleeping, chronic cough & congestion, digestive problems, ear infections, and recurrent respiratory infections. These patterns of stress and infection is what we are addressing this month culminating with a LIVE FREE online Workshop to give you parents ALL the help, hope and answers you need.

While we often hear of “seasons” for certain immune issues, the truth is that for many families their kids seem to battle recurring ear infections, non-stop sinus congestion, allergies and chronic coughs almost ALL YEAR ROUND. They just can’t seem to “kick it” for good.

You’ve tried the antibiotics, have the inhalers, gotten rid of gluten and dairy, and have a whole army of essential oils and supplements taking over your cabinets.

But, your child still struggles and can’t kick it no matter the season or no matter what you try.

If we just described your household, then our 'KICK THE SICK' event is perfectly suited for you!

Advanced Vitality has been helping kids and families get healthy naturally and Dr. Tara will share everything you need to know to get right to the root of the issue. They will explain the science behind chronic illness and autoimmune challenges in kids in a simple, easy to understand way.

You’ll learn the science behind it all, but most importantly you’ll get straightforward, simple Action Steps you can take to finally help your kiddos get over the chronic congestion, inflammation, allergies, and struggles!

All you have to do is click the REGISTER button below now!


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