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Low Back Strengthening: Bridges

If you suffer from low back pain chances are that your muscles are weak or don't activate the way they should. These simple and effective movements are the best and safest way to start to retrain those muscles that can help stabilize and reduce low back issues. This information comes from the Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative in partnership with the Centre for Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation.


1. Lie comfortably with your hands by your side, knees bent and feet flat.

2. Squeeze your abs and glutes, press into your heels to lift your butt up.

3. Try to keep your spine in a straight line from your neck to your bum.

4. Hold for 3 seconds and repeat 10x.

5. ADVANCED: if you want to advance this exercise, at the top of the bridge, extend and lift one leg.

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