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Product Spotlight: The Perfect Pillow for #MOM

Whether you are pregnant, waking up for those night feeds or just in need of a great nights sleep, your pillow is imperative and today's spotlight product is The Ultimate Mum Pillow Company. The ultimate mum pillows are not like others. They have stability and softness that lasts and support moms during all phases of #motherhood. They can also be used as feeding pillows, personal loungers and baby loungers. They offer 5 different varieties of pillows with 2 different washable cover options. Best of all they are 100% Canadian made.

If you want to surprise #mom with the gift of a great #sleep this mother's day, the Ultimate Mum Pillow is sure to impress.

For a limited time you can get 20% off your purchase by using code BABYJOY2020.

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