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Advanced Vitality Newsletter | June 2023

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

June 2023 at Advanced Vitality

  • Saturday Appointments

  • Father's Day Give Away

  • Doc Talk Tuesday Series: The Perfect Storm

  • 'Perfect Storm' FREE Online Workshop: June 26th

  • Health Tip: What is the Perfect Storm

  • Clinic Member Spotlight: Meet Austyn!

  • Congratulations!

  • Birth Announcements

  • Mommy & Me Discount

  • Happy Birthday Tamika

  • Clinic Holidays


Saturday Appointments

Dr. Tara will be in the clinic from 9am-1pm


Father's Day Giveaway

June is for the DADS and man have we got some pretty incredible ones at our clinic! This month we've curated an amazing basket of fantastic gifts that any father would be ecstatic to receive (or anyone would be proud to gift to their dad!).


You have play to WIN IT!


  1. Simply follow us on Instagram and answer each of the Father's Day Trivia during the week of June 12-16

  2. Make note of your secret CODE LETTER from each day's answer and use them to answer the final trivia questions on Saturday June 17th.

  3. If you get the final trivia question correct, you'll be automatically entered into the draw to win the Fathers Day Give Away Basket!

Good Luck!!


Doc Talk Tuesdays

Check us out on Instagram and Facebook every Tuesday for quick educational videos on important topics related to neurofunctional chiropractic and raising healthy humans with natural and drug-free alternatives.

Then tune in LIVE on Thursdays at lunch when our Doctors take to the social media airwaves to answer all your questions, comments and concerns!

June is PERFECT STORM month!

In just 1-2 generations (not near enough time for genetics to actually change much at all), rates of chronic illness in kids have been rising quickly to absolutely horrendous, troubling levels.​

  • ADHD and Behaviour Problems in kids range from 10-15% and climbing

  • Anxiety in kids was 11.6%, then nearly doubled to 20.5% due to the pandemic

  • Depression in kids was 8.5%, then more than doubled to 25.2% due to the pandemic

  • Overall mental illness in kids now affects 1 in 6 kids and climbing rapidly

  • Autism rates have increased 241% since just 2000, now affecting 1 in 44 kids

Chiropractors have been noticing this trend as far back as 2008 and have been identifying the real life environmental factors at play and began to call this THE PERFECT STORM.

Join Pediatric Chiropractors Dr. Tara Sutton & Dr. Jasmin Maxymowich for an evening of help, hope & answers for parents and kids stuck in the storm!


'The Perfect Storm' FREE Online Workshop

Monday June 26th 7:30pm

The Perfect Storm workshop is for you parents up late at night scrolling the internet, joining all the Facebook groups and setting up appointment after appointment with doctors, specialists and therapists for your kiddo! If you want answers and hope, we’ve got them for ya!

The staggering rates of diagnosed childhood illnesses and neurodevelopmental disorders means it's time to uncover the root cause and really figure out how to help these kids.

Join pediatric chiropractors Dr. Tara Sutton & Dr. Jasmin Maxymowich for an evening of help, hope & answers for parents and caregivers that are at their wits end trying to help their kids.


Health Tip: What is The Perfect Storm

For the vast majority of us, we’re still being told by our doctors that everything from autism, asthma and allergies is just simply bad luck — genetic.

When you seek out help for your child in a more natural, holistic health care model you’ll quickly be overwhelmed with information about how you need to put your child on activated charcoal and other detox supplements, completely change your diet to go gluten and dairy free, remove chemicals from your entire household, and be Keto-Paleo-Macro!

The Perfect Storm begins with birth, and then goes through these 5 stages:

  1. Fussy, colicky, constipated, sleep-challenged infant

  2. Sensory, constantly sick, challenging baby to toddler stage (meaning antibiotics and steroid-based anti-inflammatory medications over and over)

  3. Constantly wound up, sensory overwhelmed, hyperactive, impulsive, emotional, “stuck” child

  4. Focus, concentration, organization, social, and emotional regulation challenged grade school child

  5. Exhausted, Angry, Anxious, Depressed Teenager

The one positive we have in the landscape of the Perfect Storm today compared to just 10 years ago is that parents are turning to medications as a “last resort” - and neurofunctional chiropractic may provide the help, hope and the answers they've been seeking!


Clinic Member Spotlight: Meet Austyn!

Meet Awesome Austyn!

Austyn started care at our clinic after her little brother Weston completed his restoration care plan. Originally, mom Alicia, reached out for help with Weston's difficulty sleeping through the night. She attended every workshop, never stopped asking questions and learned as much as she could about neurofunctional chiropractic care and how it was helping her son.

After a couple months of care, Weston started sleeping through the night and Alicia began to wonder if Chiropractic care would be helpful for her eldest daughter, Austyn, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

"Since starting care, Austyn has had less outbursts and the ones she has, do not last long at all. She overall seems happier as well. It's something that works to improve your child’s life it is well worth it. I wish I had known about it years ago!"

Click below to read how Austyn is getting through the Perfect Storm with Chiropractic Care as part of her health care routine!

This month we are talking about 'The Perfect Storm' and how parents can get informed about the sequence of events that lead to childhood illness and neurodevelopmental disorders. Additionally, you will learn simple strategies to help your kids who are stuck in the storm get out of it and stay as healthy, happy & thriving as ever!

Register for our FREE online 'Perfect Storm' to learn all about these things and get ready to see your kid thrive without drugs and medications!



We want to shout it out loud and proud for ALL the recent VITALITY ACHIEVEMENTS! These folks put the time and effort into their Restorative Care Plan to achieve all the benefits that Neurofunctional Chiropractic Care has to offer! Congratulations on all your health and wellness achievements!


Birth Announcements

Also, you may have seen our custom made BUMP WATCH board where we can track all of our pregnant mamas as they move through their pregnancy journeys. We've already transferred some leaves onto the Tree of Life!

Congratulations to the Mamas who gave birth this past month! We look forward to helping you recover and your baby thrive during this next phase of your lives!

MOMMY & ME Chiropractic Packages

We are pleased to offer all of our New Moms a special discounted rate when you package your post-partum re-evaluation and your newborn initial assessment.

*contact the clinic for full details


Happy Birthday Tamika

Help us wish our fantastic Care Coordinator Tamika a very Happy Birthday this month on Monday June 12th!


Clinic Holidays

Dr. Jasmin will be on Holidays June 12-17th


We look forward to seeing you in the clinic this month!

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