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Clinic Member Spotlight: Meet Austyn

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Meet Awesome Austyn!

Austyn started care at our clinic after her little brother Weston completed his restoration care plan. Originally, mom Alicia, reached out for help with Weston's difficulty sleeping through the night. She attended every workshop, never stopped asking questions and learned as much as she could about neurofunctional chiropractic care and how it was helping her son.

After a couple months of care, Weston started sleeping through the night and Alicia began to wonder if Chiropractic care would be helpful for her eldest daughter, Austyn, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

"Austyn was beginning to have more intense and longer stretches of emotional outbursts & meltdowns since starting grade 1. She was more active through the school day which fatigued her greatly."

Like many parents, Alicia was skeptical about chiropractic and if it could do anything to help with ASD or Low Tone. She was wondering why she had never been told about this before by doctors or other health providers working with Austyn. But like most parents, she was ready to try anything to help her little girl have the best life possible.

"I signed up (twice) for The Perfect Storm workshop and once for the Kick the Sick workshop. Both workshops had examples of some behaviors/symptoms Austyn was showing and struggling with so I decided to give it a try for her as well."

Education empowers moms and parents to ask more questions and seek more answers when it comes to health care for your kids. You will find us in the community doing 'lunch & learns' for local businesses, collaborations with mom groups and we host FREE Monthly Workshops to help our community learn more about the benefits of our unique Neurofunctional approach to Chiropractic Care.

This month our FREE ONLINE education session for parents is The Perfect Storm on Monday June 26th at 7:30pm. This workshop is designed for parents who want to understand the sequence of events that ultimately lead to diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, anxiety and other neurodevelopmental disorders. It will also provide help and hope for a way out of the storm for kids and parents that have tried EVERYTHING else already!

Each family has different needs and each care plan is unique and tailored to help each person based on their past history, INSiGHT Health Scan results and neurofunctional physical evaluation. We have regular progress exams where your kids are re-scanned so we can track their progress, but we also ask for feedback on how they are doing at home, school and in their other activities. We are also interested in your child's digestion, behavior, sleep & energy level which are all rooted in their nervous system, so we expect positive changes with consistent care.

We asked Alicia if there were specific reasons she wanted to try chiropractic for her kids:

Weston had really bad gas pains that would keep him up at night. Since starting chiropractic that no longer happens and he has a great sleep routine as well as has completely stopped head banging when he's upset.

Since starting care, Austyn has had less outbursts and the ones she has, do not last long at all. She overall seems happier as well. I am hoping with ongoing care it will help with her allergies and overall limit the amount of illness in the future.

As we near the end of another school year, there are a number of parents and kids that struggled through this year and are still struggling with the repercussions of the COVID-19 school and extra-curricular shut-downs. If your child's teacher was in contact with concerns about their behaviour, focus, emotional control or behaviour, you are not alone and we may be able to help your kid start the next school year on a better foot!

The summer is one of the greatest times of the year for your kids to start chiropractic care since it's when everything seems to slow down just a little bit and our kids get a much needed break from the business of school, sports & other lessons.

When we asked Alicia what advice she would give to other moms considering chiropractic for their kids, here's what she had to say:

"It's something that works to improve your child’s life it is well worth it. I wish I had known about it years ago an even when I was pregnant.”

We'd like to thank Alicia taking the time to share your experiences and for placing your trust in Advanced Vitality to be a dedicated part of your kids' health care team! It is truly our pleasure to have your family in the clinic!

If this sounds like the place you'd like to bring your family, please reach out to us via phone, email or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about our clinic.


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