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The Perfect Storm FREE ONLINE Workshop: June 26th 7:30pm

Updated: Sep 6

Get ready for an incredibly eye opening evening designed for parents of kids with ADHD, Autism, Depression & Anxiety.

In just 1-2 generations (not near enough time for genetics to actually change much at all), rates of chronic illness in kids have been rising quickly to absolutely horrendous, troubling levels.

  • ADHD and Behaviour Problems in kids range from 10-15% an climbing

  • Anxiety in kids was 11.6%, then nearly doubled to 20.5% due to the pandemic

  • Depression in kids was 8.5%, then more than doubled to 25.2% due to the pandemic

  • Overall mental illness in kids now affects 1 in 6 kids and climbing rapidly

  • Autism rates have increased 241% since just 2000, now affecting 1 in 44 kids

Chiropractors have been noticing this trend as far back as 2008 and have been identifying the real life environmental factors at play and began to call this THE PERFECT STORM.

This FREE workshop is for the moms and dads up late at night scouring the internet, joining the Facebook groups and scheduling appointments with countless specialist, therapists and doctors.

What We've Been Told

For the vast majority of us, we're still being told by our doctors that everything from autism, asthmas and allergies are just simply bad luck - genetic.

This is now being disproven and replaced by 30 years of research in the field of Epigentics spearheaded by scientists and researchers like Dr. Bruce Lipton. This innovative field of science proves that the environment including our toxins, traumas and thoughts have a direct effect on our experience of dis-ease, not simply genetics.

If you've found your way here, you're likely well versed in the TOXINS category. Many parents have done all the homework to eliminate the toxins from gluten, dairy, artificial fragrances and dyes, yet still your child is struggling. So what's the deal?

So What About Trauma?

After years of caring for Perfect Storm Cases, working with everything from cerebral palsy, autism and epilepsy to colic, constipation and chronic ear infections, pediatric chiropractors agreed on one thing that stands out in 90% of all of those cases ... NEUROLOGICAL BIRTH TRAUMA TO BABIES.

Things like induction, manual assistance, forceps, vacuum, and c-section are all considered likely causes of neurological birth trauma. A close second as a common contributing factor to The Perfect Storm is PRENATAL & MATERNAL STRESS during pregnancy. This was already a major factor that was made soooo much worse during the pandemic adding and incredible amount of stress to our pregnant mothers.

Birth Trauma and the Brainstem

While it could take an entire scientific text book to explain this, we will try to summarize it concisely in this section. The bones of the skull, upper neck, and entire spine are there to house and protect the most important organ and system in our body - the brain, central and autonomic nervous systems.

When these areas are physically injured and damaged during the birth process, their function is altered from the very first moments of life.

Those vital functions that this area is in charge of include:

  • Control nerves and muscles responsible for breastfeeding

  • Control nerves and muscles responsible for digestion

  • Control nerves and muscles responsible for draining fluid from the ears and sinuses

  • Control and regulate our immune systems and inflammatory response

  • Control and regulate all sensory processing - eyes, auditory, smell, touch

  • Control and regulate our motor developments, milestones, balance and coordination

  • Control speech development and function

  • Control and regulate all initial brain communication and coordination - social, emotional, behavioural, memory, decision-making.

What is the one crucial nerve that connects all of those vital functions together?

It is called the Vagus Nerve.

The Sequence of Sickness, Medications & Stress

What’s most fascinating about The Perfect Storm is how clearly things sequence together and happen in a specific order from the very beginning of life on.

It begins with birth, and then goes through these 5 Stages:

  1. Fussy, colicky, constipated, sleep challenged infant

  2. Sensory, constantly sick, challenging baby to toddler stage (anti-biotics and NSAID medication over and over again)

  3. Constantly wound up, sensory overwhelmed, hyperactive, impulsive, emotionally stuck child

  4. Focus, concentration, organization, social and emotional regulation challenged grade school child

  5. Exhausted, Angry, Anxious, Depressed teenager

The one positive thing that's happening now more than it used to, is that parents are searching the "Complimentary and Alternative Medicine" landscape for treatments BEFORE medication!

How to Get "Unstuck"

You're probably feeling a mixture of emotional and excited by this point, but we still haven't given you the help you need yet ... keep reading.

The answer and help you seek is found in the office of something and someone you likely never considered - a trained Neurofunctional Pediatric Chiropractor.

Yup, everything that was described above can be explained by something you've likely never heard of called SUBLUXATION. Which simply means an area in the central nervous system where there is interference and causing STRESS to be STUCK in the ON POSITION.

Our Central Nervous System is the Air Traffic Control system that controls and coordinates every other major system in the body. It's the BOSS and it's main operating center is in the brainstem which you're now familiar with as being the primary area injured and damaged during the birth process for so many of our children.

Once that happens, the subluxation in that area gets stuck.

Subluxation that is present from birth (or even before with breech presentation) then alters the most important of all infant and childhood brain development features - movement and motor milestones.

Movement is LIFE.

Neurology is LIFE.

When that subluxation is present, even in a mild form, The Perfect Storm gets kicked into gear early and often.

How to Find Your Child's Subluxations - Insight Scans

Here it is parents! The most important action step you can take is to get your child into a trained Neurofunctional Pediatric Chiropractor and get them scanned!

Our Insight Scanning Technology features 3 different types of non-invasive, life-changing scans that help find and measure subluxation, dysautonomia and so much more!

In literally just 15-20 minutes you can have so many of the answers and explanations you've been searching for this whole time.

Once you have these innovative exams you will have 3 crucial answers and explanations:

  1. Can neurologically-focused pediatric chiropractic help?

  2. If yes, how long will it take to restore neurological function?

  3. If yes, what exact subluxations must be addressed first?

You and your child deserve Hope, Answers, and Help and that's what we are here to give you!

Get your child's health scans booked and just simply find out if we can help!

If you want more information we invite you to register for our upcoming FREE Virtual Workshop by clicking below.
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