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Clinic Member Spotlight: Chaneze & Baby Angelica

Dr. Tamara with Baby Angelica and Chaneze

Chaneze began prenatal chiropractic care with Dr. Tamara at Advanced Vitality during her pregnancy. After giving birth to her beautiful daughter Angelica, she quickly booked her post-partum assessment to help her body heal and recover. Under the care of Dr. Tamara and a customized care plan, Chaneze quickly restored balance in the muscles, tendon and ligaments of her pelvis that were stretched and twisted during the birth process. Her post-partum care also helped ease the aches and pains caused by all the 'mom things' (like baby feeding, changing diapers, carrying car seats and lifting baby out of the cribs and off the floor).

Dr. T adjusting Baby A

During one of her appointments Chaneze was discussing baby milestones with Dr. Tamara and some of her concerns that Baby Angelica wasn't on track. Dr. Tamara suggested bringing Baby Angelica in and having her NeuroFunctional Health Scans completed. Angelica's scans and assessment showed some interference in her nervous system that was slowing down her progress and developmental milestone achievement.

Almost immediately, Chaneze started noticing changes in Baby Angelica!

She developed and sat up after the second adjustment. We definitely saw big improvements in her milestones.

Chaneze is so happy with the improvement that she's seen in both herself and her baby that she's telling her friends about it. Since she had such a great experience during her pregnancy she knew her baby would be in safe and gentle hands with our providers at Advanced Vitality. We asked Chaneze what advice she would give to other moms about pediatric chiropractic and here's what she said:

Just do it! Many moms don't know about baby chiropractic and I am talking to my friends about it! Angelica is very comfortable with Dr. Tamara. We love her! She is awesome!

If you want to learn more about Prenatal or Pediatric Chiropractic Care at Advanced Vitality you can connect with us on social media or email/phone us directly to book an initial consultation.

We can't wait to meet you!

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