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Advanced Vitality Newsletter | January 2023

January 2023 at Advanced Vitality

  • The Gift of Health Certificates

  • Doc Talk Tuesday January Series: Stress, Sickness & Chiropractic

  • 'Kick the Sick' FREE Virtual Workshop: January 30

  • Health Tip: Common Side effects of Antibiotics

  • New Year Challenge: #75Hard

  • Clinic Member Spotlight: Simran

  • Holiday Winners

  • Con-GRAD-ulations

  • Pre-book your 2023 appts.

  • Wellness Memberships

  • Birth Announcements

  • Mommy & Me Discount

  • Happy Birthday

  • Goodbye Ideal Protein

  • January Holidays


The Gift of Health

We are so excited to offer this AMAZING DEAL again this year! This deal ONLY comes around ONCE A YEAR, so pass on the LOVE and give the Gift of Health this season!

We know many of you want someone in your family to take advantage of the benefits of our unique neurofunctional approach to Chiropractic. We hear it all the time:

"I wish my husband would come here"


"I should probably get my kids in here to get their scans done."

Now is the perfect time to share the Gift of Health with someone you love and want to have an AMAZING 2023!

What's included:

1) Amazing Discount on Initial Fee: Just $99 (regular $220)

2) $100 Care Plan Credit (applied at sign up)


Below is the Gift of Health Certificate and you can even share it electronically, so go ahead and give the Gift of Health now!

This is a limited time offer and will expire on January 31, 2023.

CLICK HERE to download a version to send to a friend or family member.

The new Clinic Member must have the certificate with them at their initial consultation.


Doc Talk Tuesdays

Check us out on Instagram and Facebook every Tuesday for quick educational videos on important topics related to neurofunctional chiropractic and raising healthy humans with natural and drug-free alternatives.

Then tune in LIVE on Thursdays at lunch when our Doctors take to the social media airwaves to answer all your questions, comments and concerns!

Tune in all month long as we talk about Stress, Sickness and Chiropractic. Helping uncover the simple science behind why and how Neurofunctional Chiropractic can support a healthy immune system and "kick the sick" for good!


'Kick the Sick' FREE Virtual Workshop

Monday January 30th 7:30pm

The New Year signals the end of the busy-ness of the holiday seasons. From Halloween sweets, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas cookies, increased stress & excitement, indulging, and late nights… you may be feeling sluggish, exhausted, out of routine, and off-balance. That feeling is no different for your kiddos. Though the holidays are magical and fun for our little ones, it's a time of huge adjustment requiring them to adapt to all the added sugars, extended family visits, late nights, and routine changes.

What does stress look like in our kiddos? Poor sleeping patterns, chronic cough & congestion, digestive problems, ear infections, and recurrent respiratory infections. These patterns of stress and infection is what we will be addressing throughout January culminating with a LIVE Virtual Workshop to give you parents ALL the help, hope and answers you need to get through the winter with happy AND healthy children.


Health Tip: Common Side Effects of Antibiotics

When we first shared this data and information with Colton’s mom, after he battled RSV, sinus infections, chronic cough, and asthma for his first 3 years… she was blown away that her doctor had never once mentioned each round of antibiotics was likely to further weaken his already suppressed immune system, and that most of his sinus and respiratory infections were likely viral anyway.

That is one of the most obvious reasons why still today, millions of antibiotics are prescribed to kids unnecessarily – they are viral infections, not bacterial.

While it’s taken literally decades for standard medical organizations to update and change their guidelines around antibiotics for pediatric respiratory infections, it seems it’s going to take more time for practicing doctors to change their habits.

While it's a frustrating reality, you don’t have to wait. You can always educate and empower yourself by reading articles just like this one (and the links within it).


New Year Challenge: #75Hard

The start of a new year is always a great time to reflect on the accomplishments of the previous year and set goals for the new year. At Advanced Vitality we know how difficult it can be to stick to those New Year's Resolutions so we like to join forces and do it together!

This time last year the team at Advanced Vitality took on their first ever #75HardChallenge and it was an awesome experience. So we decided to do it again for 2023 but we want YOU to join us - because lets face it, doing something together is so much more motivational.



Clinic Member Spotlight: Simran

Meet our Friend Simran! When Simran came to our clinic in the spring of 2022, she was at a really low point in her life. She had spent the previous 6 YEARS stuck in a cycle of pain and depression and had quickly become a of shell of the person she once was. She had been to many doctors and specialists searching for answers and help but kept struggling and falling deeper into pain and despair.

No one could identify what the real issue was. With time it impacted my mental health as well. Honestly I lost hope that I’d ever get better but the thought of living with this severe back pain scared me.

This month we discuss the stress cycle and how it can lock into our nervous system laying the foundation for the perfect storm of sickness and disease. While it can seem far fetched to think that simple chiropractic adjustments can help someone with things like anxiety, depression and chronic pain, we've seen it happen time and again and the science doesn't lie.

Check us out on social media every Tuesday in January for a quick 'Doc Talk' video about how to manage stress and keep it from sending you down the road to sickness. Tune in every Thursday at lunch when our Doctors go LIVE to answer all your questions and concerns and provide even MORE helpful tips to keep you and your families healthy in 2023!

Click below to read more about how Simran is conquering her pain with neurofunctional chiropractic care!