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INSiGHT! What is Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and why you should measure it?

Measuring Your Ability to COPE

Everyone wants to know "so, how am I doing Doc?". With our new INSiGHT technology we can answer that question with clarity and certainty.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a measurement of the time between each heartbeat and is the gold standard measurement used by cardiologists, psychiatrists and exercise physiologists to measure the overall effect of built-up stress in your body.

This test is a great indicator of how well you are able to manage stress (ADAPTABILITY) and how much more stress you can take on (CAPACITY).

In scientific terminology, it evaluates the balance in your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which controls your "Fight-or-Flight" response (sympathetic) and "Rest-or-Digest" response (parasympathetic).

This system is designed like a teeter-totter and should be in a 'balanced' state MOST of the time. If the brain senses danger - the ANS turns on the 'Fight-or-Flight' response to activate a number of bodily functions designed to help get you out of danger and into safety. Once the danger is gone, the ANS turns on the 'Rest-or-Digest' response to rebalance the system.

If we put it another way, imagine the GAS PEDAL and BRAKE PEDAL in a car. The 'Fight-or-Flight' response is the gas pedal and the 'Rest-or-Digest' response is the brake pedal. If used correctly, these pedals can safely control the vehicle. However, if, for example, your pressing the gas pedal all the time and keep adding more pressure (stress), eventually the car ends up going way too fast. We need the brake pedal. But we don't want to SLAM on the brake pedal, we need a slow and controlled pressure to safely slow down the car.

Daily stresses have a quiet way of settling in and building up in your body creating imbalance in the ANS and reducing your ability to cope.

By using the INSiGHT neuroPULSE HRV scans, you get a clear picture of how balanced your system is.

Features of INSIGHT neruoPULSE HRV testing at Advanced Vitality include:

  • Scans heart rate, temperature and anxiety simultaneously, to calculate Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

  • Measures balance and activity levels of the Autonomic Nervous System.

  • Reports and tracks stress levels and adaptability, using 3 or 5-minute scans.

  • Ear-clip feature allows for easy pediatric assessments.

  • Shows how stress affects the balance and amount of adaptive reserve in a patient’s nervous system.



neuroPULSE (HRV)



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