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INSiGHT! Why you should measure the stress in your posture muscles with sEMG

Everyone wants to know "so, how am I doing Doc?". With our new INSiGHT technology we can answer that question with clarity and certainty.

Surface Electromyography (sEMG) is a valid and reliable test that pinpoints areas of overactive or exhausted neuro-musculature. The INSiGHT neuroCORE accurately measures spinal muscle tone showing how exhausting postural shifts and subluxations can be.

Our INSiGHT Surface Electromyography (EMG) is the same technology used by NASA scientists to measure how the spinal posture muscles are working.

Daily stresses have a quiet way of settling in and changing a person’s health. Over time, the muscles along the spine can shorten; spinal joints can begin to lock while postures twist and shift. Most importantly, the nerves inside the spine that connect the brain to the body start to be affected. This spinal nerve tension begins to change the core of your body.

It's not a new idea that we hold stress in our muscles. Everyday, people come to our clinic complaining of back pain, neck pain or headaches. When we point out the areas of abnormal muscle tension they say "ya, that's where I hold all my stress". So ... lets measure it, work on it, and then measure the improvement!

Features of sEMG using the INSiGHT neuroCORE at Advanced Vitality include:

  • Accurate and reliable sEMG scanning delivers postural energy scores and identifies over-stressed and subluxated spinal regions

  • Precision engineered to capture neuromuscular interference in both children and adults

  • Five separate graphs show patterns of asymmetry and efficiency of postural activity.





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