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September Clinic Member Spotlight: Margaret!

This September we are shining our spotlight on the fantastic Margaret! Margaret started attending Advanced Vitality in the summer of 2019 and truly understands the benefits that chiropractic care has on her nervous system and how it contributes to her overall health! We asked Margaret if she would share her journey through chiropractic care thus far.

Dr. Tara and Margaret after an adjustment!

My entire life I have suffered from migraines, along with many other headaches triggered by different stimuli. As well, a career based in an office left me with serious back pain and degenerative disc disease. I was sure that upon my retirement things would greatly improve, but in fact they worsened to the point that with chronic daily pain I could not imagine enjoying the overseas travel that my husband and I had long planned but now had to delay.

I saw my regular general practitioner and a naturopath, tried massage therapy, an osteopath and an acupuncturist, but none of those treatments worked for me. Then, after a friend’s recommendation, two years ago I began to see Dr. Tara at Advanced Vitality and she has made a real difference in my life. In addition to attending regular appointments, Dr. Tara has advised me on breathing techniques, referred me to articles and websites to read further, loaned me equipment to try at home, gave me access to many back and neck exercises.

"Dr. Tara listened tirelessly to how I was doing and "made adjustments to her adjustments" to tailor her care. There was never a time I didn't feel physically and mentally better after leaving an appointment.

However, it has not been a straightforward time of constant improvement and I have no doubt the impact of COVID on my mental health also had an impact on the ups and downs of my overall health. But, about 6 months ago I began a turnaround that followed from the use of the new INSIGHT technology, which Dr. Tara had told me she was excited to acquire, for good reason.

Margaret's INSiGHT Health Scan comparison report

"With my diagnostic results, Dr. Tara was able to better pinpoint my specific issues, especially in my neck. As a result, the last few months have been a steady time of improvement for me and helped to change my life significantly.

I like to think in terms of concrete, measurable changes that Dr. Tara has helped me achieve so far - walking 3-miles each day, reduction of my pain medication by almost half, ending my daily use of sleep aids, losing weight and generally, I am feeling much more in control of my pain and my lifestyle even though my appointments have reduced from twice weekly to twice monthly since the spring. I now feel able to sustain my exercise routines and other strategies I have developed to complement my chiropractic visits.

To me, Advanced Vitality and Dr. Tara in particular have given me my life back, where I can confidently see a future of travel, adventure and fun. I am so grateful to be hopeful again!


We are so proud of all the progress Margaret has made so far. Her dedication to her care both inside and outside of Advanced Vitality is a huge part of her success and we look forward continuing to help her reach her goals!

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